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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 which i officially introduce myself.

hey ya'll.  my name's booker, but my friends refer to me as the booker man!
i live in south carolina with my mama, my daddy, and my fur sister, asa.  basically, it's been rainin' and rainin' and rainin' for days.  that's just what happens in the winter.  i don't suppose it would ever get cold enough here to get some of that snow stuff like up north.  at least you can go walkies in the snow.  rain = cooped up in the house.  *sad eyes*
the good news is that i finally wore my mama down, and she's letting me have my own bloggie.  she figures if i can't expend my energy on walkies at the moment, she better give me something to do...something that doesn't involve incessantly squeaking my squeaker ball.  teehee.  (did i mention that i love squeaker balls?  but i digress...)
it's completely past my bed time.  if mama finds out that i'm still up, i'll be in big trouble.  i promise to post more tomorrow...maybe even a totally awesome photo montage of yours truly?  eh?  eh?


Lola said...

Booker, you can come visit my snow anytime you want. Ill even romp and play with you, and possibly sniff you in inappropriate places.

Maxmom said...

Hey there Mr Booker (and Mom)
I came by again to see your first post. I know that you have only recently started blogging and I wanted to wish you all the best with your blog. I hope it goes from strength to strength! Most of all though - enjoy it and celebrate it! Now its time for you to go back to those squishy toys!