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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it's time for GABE!

my new friend miss twinkie is hosting a super awesome event called the global animal blogging event -or- GABE!  it starts tomorrow and runs through sunday, april 18th!  i am filled up with excitements about meeting lots of new friendz from all over the world and reading their exciting bloggies!  it will be most ridiculous amounts of fun, and there are going to be some awesome give-aways also!  what's not to like about that?  if you would like to participate, you still have time!!  you can be a "passive" or "active" participant.  clicky here to find out more right now!!!
what's gonna happen is that tomorrow, miss twinkie will start linking participating bloggies to her GABE page for everybuddy to go visit.  all you have to do is clicky on my GABE icon at the top right of my bloggie, and it will take you to miss twinkie's GABE participants list.  then you can go visit all the bloggies and make new friendz!  some of the GABE participants (the "active" ones) will be givin' away pressies, so make sure you leave comments for a chance to win cool thingies!
i <3 pressies, so i am gonna be an "active participant" in GABE.  i am gonna give away a special somethin' to one lucky ducky who will be drawn from my "woofs" at random.  all you have to do is leave a "woof" for me!  if you want, i'd love to know why you decided to start a bloggie and what is your most favoritest thing about blogging.
now for the excellent pressie.  what might i be giving away, you ask??  the winner will receive a totally fab collar of his/her choosing from my fellow south carolinian hooman friend over at pecan pie puppies.  you can see her entire collection at  here are a couple of her lovely collars just to show you some examples:

thanks bunches, miss twinkie, for organizing GABE!!  i'm lookin' forward to reading everybuddy's bloggies and meeting some new friendz!
the booker man

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy birthday, grampy!!!

today is my grampy's birthday!!! 

i think he looks like a spring chicken, but i was fooled...mama and daddy said he's over half a century old.  whoa!!  but anyway, mama, daddy, asa, and i surprised grampy by showin' up for dinner, cake, and pressies today.  i love my grammy and gramps' house because i get extra lovins and foodables, and i get to visit my cousin sweetee, and they have this hoooge deck that wraps around the back of the house that i totally dig!

me, asa, and my cousin sweetee!  we love the deck!

our supper is being made inside...LET US IN!!

asa relaxin' with grammy on the lounge chair.

okies, i gotta go to bed now since it's late, but oh yeah, i almost forgot!  i'm not gonna have a wordless wednesday tomorrow.  don't panic cuz there will be a SUPER SPECIAL POST tomorrow instead.  be on the look out!  heeheehee.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

lazy sunday

hope ya'll are enjoying your sunday...i sure am... 

Friday, March 26, 2010

i've been awardified!

it's friday, so i'm already in a groovy mood because asa and i have mama and daddy's undivided attention for the weekend.  but then i went to visit the lovely miss sugar and found out that i had been awardified!!  i am beyond excited now!  thank you so much, miss sugar!!  you sure know how to make a boy like me feel special.  :)
this is the first award:
it's the happy 101 award!  look at those super delicious cupcakes 'n sprinklies...and a beautimous sunset...and of course, sweet friends to share those things with!  totally happy stuff there. 
here's how the award works:
copy the image and paste it to your blog. 
list 10 things that make you happy, and do one of them today.
list 10 friendz who brighten your day.

now, let's talk about 10 thingies that make me uber happy!!!
(1)  snuggling with my mama in the blankies!
(2)  bitey face and wrestle mania with my big sis asa!
(3)  car rides with the windows down so my ears can flap in the wind!
(4)  playing with my big green ball in the backyard!
(5)  peanut butter in my kong!
(6)  extra long walkies!
(7)  sniffing awesome smells outside, especially when someone is grillin' meats!
(8)  tummy rubs!
(9)  trips to petsmart!
(10)  laying in the sun!

i've done quite a few of the things on my list today, so i'm in good shape.  :)

speaking of sun, this is my second award:
it's the sunshine award!  this definitely makes me feel warm and sunny on the inside. 
here are the rules:
post the award on your bloggie.
send the award to 12 friendz and leave comments on their bloggies.

i'm gonna cheat just a tad and combine the happy 101 award and the sunshine award.  i hope that's okay with ya'll!  i may be spot lighting 12 friendz to give them both awards, but i want all of my friendz to remember that you are all so good at spreading happiness and sunshine...thank you for being a friend of the booker man!!!
(1)  miss twinkie
(2)  mack and mia
(3)  miss m and mr. b
(4)  miss mayzie
(5)  the rocky creek scotties
(6)  toby
(7)  mr. mango and dexter
(8)  skelly
(9)  mr. doozer, mr. cooper, and miss dottie
(10)  mr. farley
(11)  mr. gunther, miss stella, and miss betty
(12)  miss inky and miss molly

Thursday, March 25, 2010

thanks, miss mayzie!!!

my most prettiest friend, mayziegal, tagged me in a super fun photo game thingie!!
so here's what miss mayzie says i'm supposed to do: 
(1)  go to mama's 1st photo folder.
(2)  find the 10th picture.
(3)  post the 10th picture and tell everyone about it!
(4)  tag 5 other doggies' bloggies so that they can have some photo fun, too!!

okay, now for the picture.

as ya'll can see, this would be me.  i went on a camping trip with my mama and daddy and their friendz last fall.  the weather was kinda ickies -- chilly and rainy.  we had gone for a hike up to a waterfall, and i had a total blast playin' in the water.  when we got back to camp, though, it started to get dark...windy...cold.  i was still all wet from the water!  brrrrrrrr.  so my mama got out my sleeping bag and one of daddy's big t-shirts.  i was very much happy to let her put the shirt on me, and then she tucked me in my sleeping bag in front of the toasty fire.  ahhhh, warm at last!

now it's time for me to pick 5 more of my fellow friendz!  i'm gonna choose:
(1)  miss ina
(2)  the most royal emma rose
(3)  miss bunny
(4)  downunder daisy
(5)  pecan pie puppies!

have fun!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

my big green ball and making fun of mama just a little

one of my most favoritest things evarrr is playing outside with my big green ball.  when i first got my big green ball, it was kinda hard to carry in my mouth, but i solved that problem really fast by biting a hole in the ball to make it more squishy.
tadaaa!  it's awesome what a little ingenuity can do.  teehee.
so, anyways, i really like it when mama and daddy kick the ball for me, and i get to do zoomies and chase it.  then i like to run around the backyard with my ball in my mouth.   

sometimes, asa joins me and we run together!

usually, mama takes this opportunity to make me practice my "leave its" because i have a hard time letting go of my awesome green ball.
 "leave it, booker."

"yes!  good boy!!"

 ooo, i get all excited and wiggly when mama calls me a good boy!  sometimes, that means a super delicious treat is coming, too!  unfortunately, i didn't get a cookie this time.  mama wanted to try something new.  she wanted me to catch the ball in the air...aaaaaand she wanted to take pictures of me in action.
i love my mama to bits, but she is like not really good with the flashy camera.  i held back the urge to tell her she wasn't pro because i value my yummy snacks, and the booker man gets no yummy snacks when the mama is unhappy.  needless to say, all the pictures from the catch event turned out poopy, but i got all sneaky like and snuck into mama's "failed photos" folder just so we can all have a giggle.  don't tell mama, okay?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

lounge lizards

it rained all day friday.  alllllll day long.  so asa and i were way happy when we woke up on saturday morning and the sun was shinin'!  we decided to spend all morning lounging by the sliding patio doors like so:

mama, a frosty beverage and a cookie, if you don't mind??

as you can see, we're workin' hard on our tans.  i hope these window panes don't leave tan lines.

Friday, March 12, 2010

how to spot an owner of a spoiled dog.

is it a potential hazard to walk through your house, especially if it is dark?

has the best seat in the house been relinquished to your furry friend?

is your doggie's place setting better than yours?

does your pup have a better selection of snacks than you do?

if you answered yes to these questions, rest assured that your dog has taken over!!  :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

mini bitey face extravaganza!

i love my big sis asa, but sometimes she is such a square. we were having an awesome bitey face match until she caught wind of daddy filming us. then she got all shy and called it quits. for some reason, she doesn't like the flashy camera. go figure.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the pleading

please put down that flashy camera and come play with me.

my squeaky frog isn't going to move by itself.
and there's only so much i can do on my own.

how can you resist our cute little faces?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

(almost) wordless wednesday

look who got caught napping with a stuffy...bwuahaha!

Monday, March 1, 2010

5K or the highway

so i had the best weekend evarrr!
mama surprised me on friday evening and told me that i was finally old enough to participate in my first race and that we were going to do a 5K on saturday morning!!  

in preparation for the big event, we laid out my best harness. 

then we went sleepy early so that we could get our race legs good and rested.

normally, saturdays are all about being kinda lazy and snoozin' late.  this racing stuff is serious business, though, because we had to get up at 7am.  we dressed, ate a very light breakfast, and got right in the car to drive to the race site.
apparently, it was really cold...30ish degrees.  i didn't realize it cuz my fur is uber insulating, but mama kept hopping around in place because she was so chilly.  when the race finally started, i tried to focus on maintaining a nice trot so as to keep mama working hard and toasty warm.  the only problem was that there were so many people, and i just wanted to say *hihi* to all of them!!  i'm not going to was a little hard to stay on task at the beginning.  i eventually found my groove, and mama and i finished strong.  i can't wait to do another one!!