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Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloweeny!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(almost) wordless wednesday: in honor of my friend miss abbey
miss abbey, run free at the bridge and nom on bacon 'til your tummy is super full!  i know you will be watchin' over your mama from above until the two of you are reunited some day.   

Friday, October 22, 2010

fridays with asa: autumn has arrived!

greetings, my fellow comrades!
i am elated to report that autumn has finally descended upon south carolina!  the harvest season is, without dubiety, my most cherished time of the year.  this morning, i enjoyed reclining on the front porch, surveying nature and relishing in that which autumn has to offer.  the trees were bursting with chromatic foliage.  i regarded them with such an unswerving gaze that my eyes abandoned focus.  the intense shades of red, yellow, and orange blurred together like a kaleidoscope. 

then i closed my eyes and inhaled the woodsy aroma of crunchy leaves as they baked in the fiery sunlight.  a chill trickled down from my neck as a small gust of wind danced around my body.  i silently thanked my blue hooded sweatshirt for enveloping me in an embrace of warmth and comfort.

conceivably, i could have remained in this peaceful state for the day in its entirety, but a soft voice broke through the reverie in my mind.  there remained, after all, important work to be accomplished.  it was my duty to thoroughly inspect the two members of cucurbita mixta which my parents had purchased from the farmers market.

the taller specimen i found to be sturdy and structurally sound.

while the shorter specimen was pleasingly plump and rotund.

a fastidious watch over my prized pumpkins was undoubtedly required.  one never knows what evil lurks.

bah!  i spy you, squirrel.  i shall not allow your irksome self within the vicinity of my pumpkins.

be gone, pest!

after many hours of intense labor, i felt my fortitude giving way.

in utter desperation, i called out to my mom.  "i languish from thirst and hunger.  a steamy mug of cider and a biscuit, i beg of you, please!"

my restoring sustenance arrived with but a moment to spare, and i, asa, returned to my post, ever vigilant of that nettlesome squirrel skulking in the shadows...

addendum:  my mom has asked that i convey to you her colossal surprise with regard to booker and my dad's covert post and creation of project gingerbread man.  she has daydreamed about her own baking business for eons upon eons.  (admittedly, i exaggerate this point, but i believe you comprehend my meaning.)  my mom is most grateful for your kind words of encouragement.  thank you for your support!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Shhhhh, be very quiet.  So my moms loves making thingz in the oven for me and asa but she also loves makin' cakes for you crazy hoomans.  Well my dad is being all how do you say it sneaky and trying to help her start a bakery business.  My moms makes the most best Gingerbread men and we wants everyone to try them.

My dads started this project at this neat site called kickstarter.  So check it out, and if you want to help out that would the most bestest thing in the world. No matter what we will try to keep you guys up to date on the hmmmm processssesses.  Shhh, I know moms will find out soon after this post goes out but don't be to loud about it :P

Here is a picture of one of her awesome cakes:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

announcin' my 100th post pawty contest winner!!

it's finally time to pick the winner of my 100th post pawty contest!  woohoooooo!  i put the names of everybuddy who came to my pawty in my special baggie and picked out a winner.  ya'll can watch my video to find out who the lucky ducky winner is!
(oh, and in case you think me 'n asa were totally not full of the excitements, you can blame mama!  she decided to film this video at like o'dark thirty, a.k.a. -- just after midnight.  clearly, me 'n asa are way super pooped after a full day of workin' hard, but i promise that we were hootin' and hollerin' on the inside.  teehee.)

super hooge gratsers to oskar on his win!!  pretty please send me a bark mail at iamthebookerman AT gmail DOT com so we can have a little convo about your surprise pressie!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

your shopping spree questions answered!

after i posted my wordless wednesday pic of me and daddy headin' into the mega petsmart, ya'll asked a couple of questions.  so i'm gonna answer them now!

question #1:  "where's asa??"
answer:  don't get your furs all in a bunch!  asa was with my mama who was takin' me and daddy's picture with her blackberry thingie.  i drew a diagram to kinda help you imaginate the scene.  anywho, it's all good, and asa wants me to woof that she is thankful for your concern.

question #2:  "what totally awesome loots did you get??"
answer:  i can't show you cuz it's a surprise for a certain beautimous lady doggie.  TEEHEE. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

fridays with asa: M is for...

my dear comrades, i am enthralled to present to you another installment of the ABC wednesday challenge!  as you may recall, this delightfully stimulating project was conceptualized and brought into fruition by denise nesbitt and her creative team (otherwise known as the ABC team).  the ABC wednesday challenge takes individuals on an orderly journey through the alphabet.  each week, a successive letter is chosen, and participants create a blog post based on a word that starts with the letter of the week.  if any of you find yourselves brimming with excitement over the unique possibilities that this game affords, kindly click on the icon above to learn more.
without further ado, i present to you this week's letter -- M!  the ABC team has made an additional request that we "...step aboard the magic carpet of ABC and be whisked along to lands of merriment and great meaning!"   in doing so, i have elected that M should be representative of a journey, and one should always embark on a journey carrying a very important item.  have you a clue what this item might be?  you guessed appropriately if you replied, "M is for MAP!"  

maps mitigate moving mayhem.

maps make measuring a maneuver from mark to mark most manageable.

minus maps, men meaninglessly meander many miles.

my moral: maps majorly matter!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a quick note from the mama -- please read

sweet wilf
i was shocked and saddened to learn this morning that one of our special blogging friends, wilf, has been diagnosed with a tumor on his spleen and polyps on his lungs and heart.  his time left with his humans will most likely be very short.  this news alone is heartbreaking, but even more so when it is coupled with the fact that wilf's brother, digby, left for the rainbow bridge only 5 months ago.
if you have not already, would you please take the time to go visit wilf's blog and leave some kind words for his humans, angus and "the font"?  i know they would be comforted by your care and concern.
thanks so much!

wordless wednesday: shoppin' spree!

Monday, October 11, 2010

it's my totally epic 100th post pawty!!

i can hardly believe it, everybuddy!  today is my 100th post!

little did i know that when i pawed my very first post all the way back in february, i would get to meet so many super duper awesome doggies and kitties and hoomans!  bloggin' has been the bestest experience that i could have evarrr imagined!  me and asa and mama want to thank ya'll bunches 'n tons for being our friendz and sharing in all the crazy go nuts thingies that life has to offer.  ya'll are one big bloggin' family to us, and we are way grateful like for your support!
i'm invitin' all of you to my 100th post pawty!!  it's gonna be totally off the hook!  there will be cake 'n ice cream, games, and a cool giveaway!  if you wanna come and join in the funsies and be entered into my giveaway, just leave me a woof anytime from now through next monday, october 18th.  then on tuesday, october 19th, i will put the names of everybuddy who entered into my spiffy baggie and draw one lucky ducky surprise pressie winner!  it could be YOU!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


ya'll, there have been some seriously awesome developments at my house over the past couple of days!  let's just get right on down to the good stuff, okie dokie?
here's me in my room, which doubles as the laundry room.  i chill here while mama and daddy are at work, but most important like, this is where i had been snoozin' at night.  i'll give you a quick tour.

what's that?  you wanna ask what's above my head in the picture?  (ya'll get cookies for followin' directions!  teehee.)

well, that would be me and asa's super duper way cool friendz wall!  this is where i hang pictures and notes from my friendz!  for starters, i have my lovely brindle furred girlfriend, miss mayzie.  let's see...then i've got a pretty card with a nice note from auntie ina and my alaska cousins...miss puddles tryin' to look all full of the angelics and then together with her brother, albert, and her sister, miss whitney...miss inky and miss molly in their santa suits...miss sugar in her adorable ruffly collar...another cute card from miss dory and jacob and bilbo...and miss daisy's sittin' down in the big picture!

now this is where we make a quick trip to tangentville.   i am puttin' in my shameless plug for my friendz wall.  you so totally know that you want to send me your bestest picture evarrr or a fun card so that i can add you to my wall!  yuppers, you really really do!!  just send me a bark mail with your most favoritest picture, or if you need my snail mail address to send a picture or card, just ask!
time to get back on task.  so the whole point of my post was to woof about the excitements that had happened at my house.  see, i sleep alone in my room at night and not with mama and daddy and asa.  that's cuz mama said that i would "bother asa at ridiculous hours of the night" before.  hmmph.  i just wanted to play wrestle mania, that's all!  it's not my fault that i was all energetical at 3 in the morning.  anywho, mama and daddy had a little chat the other day, and mama was like, "you know, i think booker might be old enough now to sleep with us in the bedroom.  should we give it a try?".  next thingie i knew, i went from this:

to this:

i slept in the big bed on sunday night and monday night, and, boy howdy, was i on my bestest behaviors cuz i wanna snooze here forevarrr!!

the booker man could sooooooo get used to this!

Friday, October 1, 2010

fridays with asa: a special day

i awoke this morning to beams of sunlight dancing through my mom and dad's bedroom window.  in that peaceful instant, i deemed that today would be a most glorious day.  after a drawn-out stretch, i inched up the bed to my mom's pillow and licked her on the cheek.  she slowly opened her eyes in a half awake squint and smiled at me.  taking my face in her hands, she planted a kiss on the top of my head and whispered, "happy 8th birthday, asa!" 
yes, today, i celebrate my 8th birthday.  while it is true that my mom and dad do not know the exact day in which i was born, they do know that i entered this world in october of 2002.  my mom decided, therefore, that my birthday would be celebrated every year on october 1st.
like most women, i enjoy an occasion to dress in my finest, and what better occasion than my birthday?  i elected to dress in my favorite paisley scarf, and while i may not be completely at ease with the camera, i deemed it appropriate for mom to photograph me.

shortly after our photography session, i partook of my breakfast, which was supplemented with a healthy dollop of yogurt and some sliced carrots for my birthday.  then mom informed me that she was going to bake me some of my favorite petits biscuits au fromage, or cheesy biscuits, as one would refer to them in english.

while i waited patiently for my petits biscuits to bake in the oven, i prepared for my hot air balloon excursion to paris with my handsome gentledog, brodie.  actually, it was to be a double date as my little brother booker and his sweet lady friend mayzie were attending also.
a few hours later, my mom removed my petits biscuits from the oven, and just as they had finished cooling, i caught a glimpse of brodie's stunning, multi-hued hot air balloon arriving from the west!

mom aided me in quickly packaging the petits biscuits so that i might share them, along with my favorite bottle of beaujolais, with brodie, booker, and mayzie on our balloon trip to paris.

at this precise moment, i am penning my words from the hot air balloon, which is equipped with the most advanced technology.  in all honesty, i am quite befuddled that a hot air balloon could even possess wireless internet capabilities, but i digress.  we are gently floating over the majestic atlantic ocean, sipping the beaujolais from fine crystal glasses and nibbling on the delicious petits biscuits.  the light breeze tickles my furs, and the sunshine illuminates my eyes.  paris shall be exquisite at this time of year, non?