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Monday, August 30, 2010

a case of the mondays

i was kinda in a funk today cuz daddy had to leave this weekend to go to germany for work and our visiting guests had to go home.  *sniffers*  but then i saw how many green papers were raised for miss shelby this past weekend at her auction!  do you wanna know the grand total??  it was 1215 green papers!!!  isn't that just the most totally awesome sauce news evarrr!  i'm so so proud to have such generous like friendz as ya'll! 

miss shelby is jumpin' for joy!

oh, and you know what else made me feel the betterment?  i got a second versatile blogger awardie from my super cool friend oskar!   thankies bunches for giving this shiny awardie to me and helpin' me feel special today, oskar.  you are most full of the kindness!   

and then i found out that i won sweet miss sugar's book giveaway!  miss sugar was giving away a copy of miss leigh brill's book a dog named slugger.  see, miss leigh has had cerebral palsy since she was a pup, and slugger, a yellow labradude, was her very first assistance doggie!  me and asa and mama are so excited to read about slugger and his special bond with miss leigh.  asa has already decided that we should do a book review after we read it, too!  thanks bunches 'n tons, miss sugar!!  we can't wait!!

so i'm not so down in the dumps anymore after all this grrreat news.  boy howdy, i still miss my daddy, but he'll be home soon, so i'm not gonna pout anymore.

i heart my daddy!

besides, there is one perk to daddy being gone on business -- i get to snuggle with mama in the big bed.  teeheehee!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

pretty please don't forget about miss shelby's auction!

miss shelby's auction is a grrreat way to help raise green papers for her care and also for the care of her soon-to-be-born puppies!  please clicky on the picture to go straight to miss shelby's awesome auction page.  big thankies to JD and max and their mama for organizing this super duper fab event!

Friday, August 27, 2010

fridays with asa: conclusion of the special wisconsin report

greetings and salutations!
i have been pining to pen a blog post for near on a fortnight now.  ah, it is glorious to be back!
today, i wish to conclude the "wisconsin report" that my little brother booker commenced.  he is a fine historian, don't you agree?  but i digress.  allow me a moment to rummage through the wisconsin photograph file as i have several fine specimens for your perusal.
shall we begin?  as you may have surmised, a sojourn in wisconsin would be most remiss without a visit to a dairy farm.  my mom and dad had the opportunity to visit a dairy farm housing roughly 3000 bovine.

my mom in front of one of the open-air bovine shelters

the vast majority of the bovines at this dairy farm were of the holstein variety.  holstein possess quite distinctive markings of black and white.  holstein are also capable of outstanding milk production.

a fine specimen of a holstein

my mom and dad were also presented with the unique opportunity to visit a cranberry farm.  wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries in the united states, with more than half of the united states' production of the fruit.  below is one of numerous cranberry beds at the farm.  upon closer inspection, you will note the cranberry fruit beginning to deepen into it's highly distinguishable crimson shade.

it is a common misconception that cranberry beds remain flooded during the entire span of the fruit's growth and harvest.  however, during the growing season, cranberry beds are irrigated regularly via moats.  the cranberry beds are not flooded until the autumn when the harvest is scheduled to take place.  in wisconsin, the cranberry harvest occurs in october.
now as much as i, asa, relish a superb educational feature, i do realize that some of my fellow comrades delight in slightly more entertaining fare.  as such, i will not leave you empty pawed, for it just so happens that my mom and dad were able to attend the green bay packers' training camp.  aye, my parents are indeed "cheeseheads".

quarterback aaron rodgers (#12) in discussion with the quarterbacks coach.
executing a perfect play
get to the huddle!
extreme precision
why, yes indeed, that is donald driver!

witnessing the packers' training camp was most awe inspiring, but then as my mom and dad exited the practice field, they made the acquaintance of a precious brindle english bull dog puppy named judge.  judge was the tender age of 14 weeks.  i have no doubt that he shall grow into a fine gentleman!

and with that, i have summed up the highlights of my parents' wisconsin trip.  i trust that you have found this review satisfactory.  do have yourselves a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
good day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

special report: wisconsin

ya'll already know that my mama and daddy were wisconsin-ing last week, but now i'm gonna tell you about their way amazing adventures!  i have some handy dandy visuals to help you imaginate everythingie.
so first like, mama and daddy got on a hooge plane and flew to chicago and then on to green bay, wisconsin.

as soon as mama and daddy landed in wisconsin, the very first thingie they did was find some yummy cheese curds to eat!  did you know that cheese curds squeak when you eat them?  teehee.  (oh, and btw, mama and daddy did bring back some cheese curds for me and asa.  JACKPOT!)

after mama and daddy pigged out on cheese curds to their hearts' content, they made their way to my great grammy and grampy's house.  remember how i woofed that it was their 60th wedding anniversary?  there were bunches 'n tons of festivities!  on the morning of great grammy and great grampy's big day, they discovered that their front yard had been flamingoed in their honor!  look at all of those crazy pink flamingoes!

then everybuddy asked great grammy to try on her wedding dress.  here she is provin' that it still fits! doesn't she look totally cute, too?  i can see why great grampy wanted to marry her 60 years ago.

to prepare for the super ginormous pawty that was gonna take place, all the girlies in the family took great grammy, and they went and had pedicures.  i think great grammy kinda sorta really enjoyed that!

finally, it was time to pawty!  lotsa great grammy and grampy's family and friends came from all over the country to wish them a very super happy 60th wedding anniversary!
wanna see a picture of my great grammy and grampy on their wedding day?  they are the couple on the right.  my great grammy's brother was the best man (top left), and my great grampy's sister was the maid of honor (bottom left). 

here's a picture of the super delish cake shaped like a 60!  how cool is that?!  mama said that the 6 was a chocolate cherry cake and the 0 was a lemon poppy seed cake.  mmmmm!  then there's great grammy and grampy's wedding portrait in the background.

of course great grammy and grampy had to do the cutting of the cake just like at their wedding 60 years ago!  aren't they just totally adorable like?

after the cake was cut, everybuddy pawtied and celebrated until they were super pooped.  it was a grrreat day!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

mama and daddy are home! hooray!!

hey diddle diddle, everybuddy!!  we're baaaaack!!

mama and daddy had a way super awesome time in that far away land called wisconsin.  i promise i will woof all about it in my next post.  right now i just wanted to post a quickie to let you know that we're back (for now) so that i can come by and visit ya'll!  we've missed you bunches 'n tons!!
i also need to give a woof out to my sweet new friend, miss molly!  right before we left for vaca, she gave me the versatile blogger awardie.

i didn't have a chance to post about it and send my thankies to her.  so miss molly, thank you bunches 'n tons for thinkin' of the booker man!  you are way full of the kindnesses, and i'm so glad we are friendz!!
oh, and one last thingie!  today is the most totally exciting day evarrr cuz mr. frankie and miss penny and miss ruby are getting married!!!  YAY!  me and asa are on our way, so we'll see ya'll at the wedding!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wordy wednesday

ya'll, i'm totally cheatin' on wordless wednesday, but i gotta woof about some stuff and thingies.  it's gonna be super duper busy (in a good way) at my house for the next 4-5 weeks.  first off is a family reunion in a far away place called wisconsin!  my grrreat grammy and grampy are gonna be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!  then after that, we are having friendz come to stay at our house for awhile!  soon after mama and daddy's friendz leave, daddy is gonna be going to germany!  (he promised to drink a beer and eat a pretzel for me.)  last but not least, after daddy gets home from germany, he and mama are going to the beach with my grammy and grampy!  whew!!
there are a couple of boohoos, though.  first off, since mama and daddy have to ride in planes, me and asa won't get to go along.  the people who make the plane rules totally stink cuz me and asa would be the bestest passengers evarrr, but nooooo, we aren't allowed on board.  so we are gonna be going to summer camp two more times.  mama's nervous about leaving us twice in such a short amount of time, but me and asa gave her lots of gooey nose kisses and woofed that it would be okie dokie since we do like our summer camp so much.  the second boohoo is that since we are gonna be away or providing the entertainments to our company, me and asa won't get to post very much.  we will do our bestest, i promise, but we will prolly only manage a pawful of posts at most.  but we will still be reading your bloggies and commenting when we can!  oh, and mama helped make transportation arrangements so that me and asa can still come to mr. frankie and miss penny and miss ruby's pawties and wedding!  YAY!
so, i guess what i am really tryin' to woof is that i am gonna miss ya'll oodles 'n gobs while we are away, and i sure hope that you won't forget about me and asa!  i'm putting up a picture so you can come refreshify your memories if you forget what we look like, okie dokie?  (note:  this picture is especially meant for my lovely miss mayzie who i am REALLY gonna miss.  *sniffers*)

don't we look most pathetic and full of the sorrows??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

happy 9th barkday, miss sugar!!!

guess what, everybuddy!!  it's my golden friend miss sugar's 9th barkday today!  i bet lots of you knew that already, but if you didn't, you should totally go over to miss sugar's bloggie and wish her a super duper awesome day!

now i was thinkin' about what i should do to celebrate miss sugar's big day, and i decided that since it's been so ridiculously steamy 'n hot, i would take miss sugar to my most fave water park  -- schlitterbahn in new braunfels, texas! 
mama drove us to schlitterbahn bright 'n early today so we could ride every single spiffy water ride over and over and over.  teehee.  here's a picture of some of the slides and the beginning of the lazy river!  i was sitting on my lounge chair waiting for mama to finish putting sunscreen on my back.  hurryyyyyy uppppp, mama!

okie dokie, finally miss sugar and i are going down our first water slide!  the water was so refreshing like.  it looks like miss sugar is having a most stellar time from the hooge smiley on her face! 

so i woofed that we were gonna go on every single water ride, right?  me and miss sugar even pinkie paw sweared that we wouldn't chicken out on any ride no matter how scary it looked.  that means we went down the most super crazy go nuts insanely steep slide evarrr!  WEEEEEEEEE!  (i'm not gonna lie, i was shakin' like a leaf before i went down, but miss sugar was way brave and didn't even scream on the way down!  she is one tough cookie!)

after that steep slide got our hearts all poundin' big time, miss sugar and i decided to kick back for a little R and R on the lazy river.  we are floatin' down the river as i woof!  i'm sure we'll get our second wind this afternoon and head back to the water slides for more uber funsies!

happy 9th barkday, miss sugar!!!  i hope you are enjoying your water park adventure!

Friday, August 6, 2010

fridays with asa: C is for...

my dear comrades, ginger and buddy, have been participating in a wonderful game known as the ABC wednesday challenge.  this delightfully stimulating project was conceptualized and brought into fruition by denise nesbitt and her creative team (otherwise known as the ABC team).  the ABC wednesday challenge takes individuals on an orderly journey through the alphabet.  each week, a successive letter is chosen, and participants create a blog post based on a word that starts with the letter of the week.  if any of you find yourselves brimming with excitement over the unique possibilities that this game affords, kindly click on the icon above to learn more.
now as i had previously articulated, ginger and buddy have been participating in the ABC wednesday challenge. their posts have been simply exquisite and a joy to read!  suspecting that i might find satisfaction in this challenge, ginger and buddy kindly invited me, asa, to partake in this week's installment.  i gladly responded in the affirmative, and therefore, i present to you this week's letter -- C!  the ABC team has advised us to celebrate C as well!  being mindful of this instruction, i have elected that C should stand for my most favorite holiday.  might you be able to surmise the answer?  why, indeed, C is for CHRISTMAS!
a classic celebration of CHRISTMAS is comprised of copious customs that i cherish!

congregating in the company of your clan 

choosing a christmas conifer

creating christmas cookies

consuming cider and cocoa

cuddling by candlelight or a cozy, crackling conflagration  

caroling as a chorus while caravaning through the community

 combing the city or countryside to consider the collections of colored lights

ah, CHRISTMAS, i shall commence counting down on the calendar until you come!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010