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Friday, April 22, 2011

celebratin' richie's life and a mega hooge birthday bash for miss ronnii!!

clicky on the badge to go over to miss ronnii's bloggie!!

can i pretty please have your attentions, ya'll??
i think most of us had the super duper awesome honorfication of bein' friendz with one totally cool little dude -- richie!  this past monday, richie felt the tugs comin' from the rainbow bridge, so he headed on over there and met up with his angel sis miss molly.  now i was feelin' pretty down in the dumps cuz i was missin' richie, but he gave a very specific instructional that he didn't want us to be sad 'n stuff and that he wanted us to celebrate the funsies he had livin' with his mama tea and popster and miss ronnii!  oh, and also, we totally gotta celebrate miss ronnii's birthday!  so here's the dealio...there is gonna be a special pawty all day on saturday, april 23rd, over at miss ronnii's bloggie!  be sure to go visit and celebrate richie's life and miss ronnii's birthday!  second like, feel free to put richie 'n miss ronnii's badge thingie on your bloggie, too!  (thankies to mr. pip and his mama for makin' it!)  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

almost wordless wednesday: three in a tent!

hihi ya'll!  we're back from campin'!  it was a grrreat time, and i'll totally woof about it laters.  right now, i gotta get caught up with everybuddy's bloggies! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

fridays with asa: a delectable morsel and a notice

greetings, friends!
a lovely spring day is upon us.  i have relished my morning of basking in warm sunshine and partaking of culinary delights.  yes, i speak of those delectable morsels that my brother booker so kindly gifted to me this past saturday.  such cheery little biscuits with their crown and heart shapes, not to mention that the subtle hints of peanut butter, honey, and yogurt are enough to render me faint with ecstasy!

on a more earnest note, admittedly booker and i have been quite remiss in visiting you, dear friends, over the past few days.  our preparations for a rather exhilarating excursion have demanded the majority of our leisure time.  you see, we shall be taking a long weekend to go camping at the lake.  i assure you that upon our return, booker and i will resume our visitations to each and every one of you.  until then, we bid you adieu and send our most fervent wishes for a delightful weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the mega exciting conclusion of bark to the park!

okie dokie, so at the end of my last postie, i was woofin' that it was time to leave bark to the park.  i was pretty bummed as we walked towards the entrance/exit to the park.  remember how i mentioned that finlay park has a really cool waterfall?  this is what it looks like.

thankies to google!

it's super duper nifty!  i always want to play in it, but mama has nevarrr let me.   well, she must have realized how down in the dumps i was about leavin', so she said that i could investigate the waterfall!  woohoo!  i sniffed around and got my toesies wet.  then mama took some glamor shots of me.  check out my epic tongue stickin' out was pretty warm outside!!

mama 'n daddy loaded me up in the car after the picture takin' was all done.  i thought we were goin' home, but then we turned a different direction!  since it was so warm outside, mama 'n daddy decided they would take me to the saluda river for swimmies!  SQUEEEEEE!  forget those little evil plastic pool thingies -- this is what i'm woofin' about!!

our local dam sends waters into the saluda river, so that means it is mega chilly willies, especially now since it's not summer yet!  i got cooled off really really fast like jumpin' in to fetch my new tennis ball.  in fact, it was so cold, i was kinda hesitatin' to go all the way in, but i totally got over that.  teehee. 
we went home after that, and mama gave me a bath cuz she said i was muddy 'n stuff.  i didn't even mind cuz she washed me out on the deck, and i was kinda sorta tired.  BOL!  once i got all dried off, i decided to pose with my loots from bark to the park!  here's my new colar, my cup of chicken liver 'n salmon treatsies, some milkbones, my tennis ball, and some wellness foodable samples!

one sec, mama, i just need to inspect these treatsies really quick like.
okie dokie, ready for my official loots portrait!

mama wanted me to model my new collar, too.  you get a front view and a side view so you can really get the full viewin' experience.  oh, and aren't my furs way fluffy from my bath?  heeheehee.

and that was my super duper mega awesome sauce bark to the park saturday!  it was the bestest, and i can't wait to do it again next year!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bark to the park PART 2

in my lastest postie, i totally left you hangin' about who i met at bark to the park.  i'm just dramatic like that.  heehee!  no, i didn't meet anybuddy famous, but i found out that i kinda have another twinsie!  this is my new friend otis!  he's 8 months old, and he looks a lot like me, except he's got lighter furs.  we had so much funsies playin'!  he's a grrreat dude, and, ladies, he's totally available!!  (well, once he turns 1.  teeheehee.)

hey, daddy, otis looks like me!!
shakin' hands
let's wrestle!

after me 'n otis got super pooped from playin', we decided to head over to check out the flyball doggies.  we passed by a doggie rest stop on the way.  there were lots of beds 'n dishes with waters all set up.  these doggies were totally tuckered out!  heehee.

i think i see miss maggie mae's twin!

okie dokie, now let's get back to the flyball stuffs.  i was very much interested in that cuz i totally heart tennis balls!!  in fact, mama is wonderin' if she should look into that for me cuz i was really glued to the action!  i kept tryin' to take the tennis balls that the doggies were bringin' back.  bwuahaha.  one of the flyball ladies felt bad like for me, so she gave me my own tennis ball.  jackpot!!

hello there, my most awesome new tennis ball!

then we went to visit the doggies lookin' for forevarrr homes.  first, we visited my big sis asa's rescue group -- cullen's archangel rescue.  then we visited the great dane rescue group, the greyhound rescue group, the australian shepherd rescue group, the bassett hound rescue group, and a bunch of others.  the bassett hounds were givin' me the giggles cuz they were all corralled in a big bassett hound jail, howlin' away, and their leader was named elvis!  heehee.

pretty please spring us from jail!
we ain't nothin' but hound dogs...
elvis -- the leader of the pack!

last but not leastest, we spent some green papers on awesome sauce stuff!  mama and daddy helped me pick out some princess crowns 'n hearts for asa.  they were PB 'n honey cookies with frostin' made from yogurts.  mmmmmmm!  i knew she'd love them!!

i also got to pick out a new collar!  daddy helped me pick the most perfectest one -- a royal blue collar with paisleys!  you know what's totally super spiffy about my new collar?  it can go in the dishwasher!  that means i can still enjoy jumpin' in mud puddles and the occasional roll in cat poopie (when mama isn't lookin'), and my collar will be good as new after a bath in the dishwasher!

it was time to go after that.  i got kinda sorta bummed, but little did i know that there were more mega funsies to be had!

(this is the last time, i promise!!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

bark to the park *OR* my super duper special afternoon with mama 'n daddy!

so like i woofed in my last post, this past saturday was my town's bark to the park!  since my big sis asa gets full of the nervosity 'n anxiousnesses in big crowds of hoomans and/or doggies, it's become a tradition that i get to spend a special afternoon all by myself with mama 'n daddy.  i do miss havin' my big sis with me, but i'm not gonna lie, it's way funsies to have mama 'n daddy all to myself for an afternoon!  besides, i totally promised asa to bring her back 50 gazillion of the bestest treatsies to sample.
okie dokie, so friday night was like the longest night evarrr!  i couldn't snooze at all, and i just kept floppin' around like a fish.  finallyyyyy, it was saturday mornin'.  i let mama 'n daddy sleep in super late 'til 5:30am.  then i goosed them with my gooey nose to let them know it was time to get movin'!!  mama gave me the mega hairy eyeball and told me we weren't leavin' the house 'til noon cuz daddy had to coach his team of two-leggers playin' soccer first.  then mama 'n daddy rolled over and started snoozin' again.  *siiiigh*  i tried and tried and tried to snooze.  i must have for a little bit cuz i woke up again at 8am, and mama 'n daddy were up!  woohoo!
while daddy was coachin' at his soccer game, me 'n asa snoopervised mama doin' the laundries and mopin' the floors.  when she pulled out the evil vacula, though, we went and hid in the kitchen just to be safe.  by the time mama was done, daddy was on his way home, so i started gettin' ready to go!  i picked out a super spiffy bandana to wear:

isn't it totally fab?  it makes me feel all hawaiian-ish, and i love the little pocket thingie for any top secret stashes i might have.  heehee.  my BFF's miss ginger, buddy, and shadow sent it to me!  their mama made it, and she also made a pretty red one with a flower for my big sis asa!
anywho, daddy got home pretty quick like, and he 'n mama got asa all comfy cozy with her bed 'n blankey in a hooge sunshiney patch in front of the patio door.  then they loaded me up in the car, and off we went to bark to the park, which is held at a super duper cool place called finlay park.  it has a little lake and a waterfall, too, which i'll show you laters.

thankies to google!

here's me 'n daddy smilin' for mama in front of the entrance!  i'm wearin' my stoopid halti cuz mama says i still spazz out when i meet doggies 'n hoomans sometimes.  whatevs!

manly men!

first like, we went to the center ring to watch some of the contests goin' on!  this was the schedule:

i totally would have won best tail wagger!!  too bad we didn't get there until after noon.  we hung out and watched all the way through to best costume.  these dudes won for best costume -- they went as a hot dog (tube steak for mr. frankie!!!), ketchup, and mustard!  BOL!

it was pretty warm by then, so mama and daddy took me over to the pools for some refreshments.  for some reason, though, i just DO NOT like those plastic pool thingies.  they totally give me the jibblies!  mama kept tryin' to get me to go in, but i planted myself to the ground.  teehee.

but it's an evil plastic pool thingie!!  please don't make me, mama!!

fortunately, one of the nice volunteer ladies saw me in my distresses and offered to gently rain the cool waters over my back with a bucket.  thankies, miss volunteer lady for your kindnesses and for not bein' dorky like my mama!

ahhhhhh!  now that's what i'm woofin' about!

after being refreshified, i was ready to continue explorin' and visitin' and stuff.  you would not believe who i met!


Friday, April 8, 2011

can't wait for saturday to get here!