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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

autumn's arrival

greetings, dear friends!  it is i, asa.  with sheer delight, i wish to inform you that autumn most graciously agreed to make its presence known here in south carolina!  there are few things i anticipate with as much joy as autumn's arrival.  it is my most cherished season of the year.  the slight chill in the air, the mosaic of leaf colors on trees, attiring one's self in cozy sweaters and sweatshirts -- these are but a few of the myriad of pleasures autumn has to offer.  
you can imagine my glee when i perceived the sufficiently chilled air temperature and came to the realization that i could at last wear my prized magenta hoodie sweatshirt!  among its numerous useful features, my hoodie sweatshirt affords me the opportunity to enjoy a quick power nap whilst sitting up, without the risk of catching a chill.

a lovely power nap whilst sitting 

alas, my mother finds this amusing and brought it upon herself to procure pictures of said event.  may i express to you the annoyance of being disturbed in the middle of a power nap?

why, no, mother, i am NOT amused by your disturbance.

if by some fortuitous event i ever acquire opposable thumbs, you can rest assured that i shall return the favor!