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Thursday, August 30, 2012

a subtle hint

"but asa, i can't fit in there with you!"

sometimes a lady just needs some time to herself!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

full of the embarrassments!!!!!

hihi everybuddy!!  it's me, the booker man!  i hope you haven't forgotten who in the bananas i am since it's been like 50 gazillion years since you've heard from me.  i wish i had a crazy go nuts awesome sauce excuse like...alien kitties abducted me and took me to mars to drive that rover thingie...or maybe that me 'n asa had been picked to be on a new reality teevee show about snausage makin' (and eatin'!)...but all i can woof is that it's my mama's fault.  seriously.
way back last july, she kinda decided that she needed a break from helpin' me with my bloggie.  she and daddy were gonna tile the laundry room floor and kitchen floor.  well, we all know how long it takes the hoomans to do their home improvement thingies!  next, mama 'n daddy had to do some mega travelin'...washington, d.c. and chicago and germany and california...whew!  finally, mama decided that she was gonna go back to school, and she got all busy researchin' schools and fillin' out applications and stuff.  she started takin' classes a couple months ago in june.
i finally reached the tippy top of my ability to be patient like a few days ago, and i did what any doggie would do in a code red situation like this.  i cornered my mama in the bathroom while she was dryin' her furs one morning, and i gave her the biggest, most totally boohoo googley eyes evarrr followed by some super duper gooey nose kisses.  then i begged her to help me with my bloggie.  of course she immediately melted into a puddle of cheeses.  teehee, just kiddin', but she agreed to get on the interwebz with me and help me paw a bloggie post!  well, i logged on to my bloggie and also checked my bark mail, and i had messages from ya'll askin' if i was okie dokie.  that made me sad and all full of the embarrassments.  i am so way sorry like that we were MIA for so long and didn't woof anythingie!!  we are all doin' grrreat.  mama is way busy, though, so i gotta make sure to woof that we aren't gonna be regulars in bloggie world anymore, but we will be around from time to time.
so to recap our absence:






and most important like: us beggin' for the forgivenesses!