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Friday, December 14, 2012

like the coolest thingie evarrr!

hihi everybuddy!  my mama got a bloggie post in her email feed thingie the other day, and it is really super neato!
For their Driving Dogs campaign, SPCA Auckland, along with MINI New Zealand, had animal trainer Mark Vette and his team teach rescue dogs MontyPorter, and Ginny how to drive. The campaign’s aim was to change some common misconceptions about the intelligence of rescue dogs. In this series of videos, you can see how the dogs learned to drive and, in this video, you can watch Porter drive a MINI Countryman around a track. The specially modified was customized for the dog’s use by Ikon Engineering.  (via Laughing Squid)
porter, monty, and miss ginny are the three lucky ducky doggies who got to go drivin'!  aren't they all kinds of crazy cuteness?  i hope they find their forevarrr homes in like 2 seconds.  they can even drive themselves there! teeheehee.
All three dogs
photo by Driving Dogs

you can go to laughing squid to see the whole bloggie post and all the pictures and videos!  it is totally amazeballs!!!