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Saturday, January 29, 2011

i can't believe it!

this is just a quickie post cuz i had to woof about what happened today!  my big sis asa actually got in the troubles!  can you believe it?!  i've been livin' with her for over 2 years, and she nevarrr gets in the troubles.  see, me and asa were on a mega walkie with mama and daddy this afternoon, and we were kinda in this fieldy place where lots of deers 'n feral kitties 'n bunnies like to roam.  i was walkin' with daddy, and asa was walkin' with mama.  asa went to sniff under a pine tree, and lo 'n behold, there was a yummy delish pile of POOOOOOOPIE.  normally, asa's totally the poster doggie for manners, but even her snooter couldn't resist the heavenly scentage.  mama was all like, "noooooooooooooooo..." (in deep, slow-mo voice), and asa was all like *nom* *nom* *swallow*. 

a reenactment!

then it was all over.   everythingie happened so fast, we don't even know if it was feral kitty poopie or deer poopie.  only asa knows.  heehee.  anywho, mama was kinda cranky pants after that.  when we got home, asa totally got her toothies brushed for like 50 gazillion hours.  bwuahaha!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wordy wednesday: tomorrow is a way special like day!

hihi everybuddy!  like i woofed in my title, today's gonna be a little wordy like cuz i got somethingie super duper important to share with ya'll!  okie dokie, so unless you've been snoozin' under the covers for the past 50 gazillion years, you prolly know that i am the luckiest duckiest labradude in the whole wide world, and that's cuz my girlfriend is the most loveliest, kindest, full of the smartness miss mayzie!  every night when i put my paws together before bedtime, i thank the good Lord for my sweet miss mayzie.  just look at her with her shiny brindle furs.  she is a lady of mega beautimousness inside 'n out!  *sigh*

anywho, guess what tomorrow is!  it's miss mayzie's very first blogoversary!!  i wanted to make sure everybuddy knew to go by and visit miss mayzie and woof congrats to her and stuff.  miss mayzie and her mama are super way generous like, and for every comment miss mayzie gets on her thursday post, she and her mama are gonna donate 25 cents to second chance animal rescue foundation.  that's the place that rescued miss mayzie!  miss mayzie and her mama are gonna donate up to 100 green papers!  woohoooo!! 
i bet you're thinkin' it can't get better than that...but it's gonna!  see, one commenter from miss mayzie's thursday post will be drawn all random like to get a matching donation to the rescue or shelter of their choice!  that means if 100 green papers are raised for second chance animal rescue foundation, then another rescue is gonna get 100 green papers, too!  double woohoooo!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

the totally official results show!

welcome, ladies and dudes, to a super mega awesome multi-media event!  it's what you've all been waitin' on pins 'n needles's the totally official results show for my new header picture!!!
because thingies are always uber professional here at my bloggie, i put together a way talented team of nerdy math geniuses to tally your votes.  okay, it was really my mama and asa, but at least they have the nerdy part down.  bwuahaha.
anywho, i won't make you stifle your suspenses any longer!  here we go!  in third place, with 6 votes, we have....


in second place, with 23 votes, we have...


and finally, in first place, with 25 votes, we have...


that means picture C is the big winner!!!  woooohooooo!!!  
now don't get your little selves all in a bunch if you didn't vote for picture C.  in case you missed it, the OP pack had this really grrreat idea that i should use all three pictures!  they suggested i use the snowy pic now while it's all wintery, and then the snuggle pic next, and then the waterfall pic when it starts gettin' springish outside.  well, i totally dig that idea, so that's what i'm gonna do!  thankies, OP pack!!
also a big thankies to all of you who participated and made this such an exciting like event!  guess what!  you are all grand prize winners, and so you've won...

A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the polls are now open!

yuppers, it's time for a super duper way important like vote!  see, it's not christmas time anymore, so i need a new header picture.  that's where ya'll can help me!  just leave a woof/meow for me and let me know which picture you like the bestest!  the picture with the most votes wins!  polls close wednesday at 12:01am.  heehee.




pee s -- some of ya'll were wantin' to know if mama got to stay home all day last monday cuz of the snow.  well, she did get the whole day off, and she got tuesday morning off, too!  it was totally awesome!!

pee pee s -- oh yeah, and also some of ya'll were wantin' to know how mama's finger was doin'.  i'm most happy like to report that mama's finger has healed up lots, and she should be back to 100% finger usin' action very soon!  thankies for all your well wishes 'n stuff!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

guess what guess what guess what guess what!!

the best part is that mama doesn't have to go to work for at least the morning...hopefully her work will close for the whole day since it's still snowin'! 
here's a video from early this mornin' when we went outside.  asa wasn't very happy with the cold 'n wind 'n snow, but i thought it was grrreat!!  teehee.

here's what it looked like from our front door at 7:00am!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

in honor of my friend, mr. the luke

mr. the luke, a totally special dude, arrived at the rainbow bridge today.  i know he got an awesome greetin' at the bridge and is havin' funsies sniffin' for squirrels and lookin' for pecans.  i think it's miss khyra who woofs that it's nevarrr a goodbye permanently...just a goodbye for until the next time, mr. the luke, we'll be watchin' for your star in the sky.

if you wanna send a card or note to mr. the luke's mama and mr. the bleu, scout and miss freyja have kindly made arrangements here.  you can also visit mr. the luke's bloggie to leave comfortin' words 'n woofs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

is it too late to woof "happy new year"? --OR-- mama's had a rough week!

even if it is too late, i'm totally gonna wish everybuddy a super happy new year anyway!!  i'm kinda full of the embarassments that this post is so late-ish cuz i meant to paw a post like 50 gazillion days ago...but i'm guessin' my informational title alerted ya'll to the fact that my mama wasn't able to help me with bloggin' this week.  actually, she was kinda wishin' she could have mashed the fast forward button for this week.
anywho, before i get to mama's woes, i wanted to go all the way back to christmas and recap all the awesome sauce excitements that happened since then!  first, it snowed on christmas here in south carolina!!  well, actually it started snowin' just before midnight on christmas, so it really snowed the day after christmas.  i just wanted to woof that it snowed on christmas, though.  teehee.  we got like 3 inches of snow, which was super duper funsies! 

so then a few days after it snowed, mama and daddy packed up the car, and we drove to the way far away land of virginia to visit grampy and grammy!  here we are road trippin'!  (sorry it's an icky camera phone pic.)
asa likes to scoot up as far as she can between mama and daddy.  heehee.

my grampy and grammy have the bestest house evarrr!  for starters, the whole back of the house is windows, windows, windows!  you can do nose art to your heart's content!  also, their house is sorta in the woods and next to a pond, so you can watch all the deers and birdies and bunnies all day long!

asa woofed that she would help me watch for the deers 'n stuff, but i kept catchin' her snoozin' on the job.  hmmph.

the other super cool thingie about grampy and grammy's house is that they have mega stairs!  me 'n asa don't have stairs at our house, but boy howdy, do we love doin' zoomies up 'n down stairs!  mama tried to get a picture of us, but you know how she is with those action shots.  heehee.  this was the best she could do:

by the way, do you like our festive christmas toe cap thingies?  we didn't wanna scratch up grampy and grammy's nice wood floors.  asa got red toe caps and mine are green 'n red striped!  oh, and woofin' of festiveness, here's me by the christmas tree!  i reeeeally liked the little lambies, but i was a very, very good boy and didn't try to nom on them one bit!  mama was very proud of me!

we had a grrreat time visitin' grampy and grammy and were sad when we had to leave to come home...and that's when thingies started gettin' rough for mama.  on the way home, her throat started hurtin' and gettin' scratchy...then she felt all headachey...then she started sneezin'...then she started coughin'.  we knew it was curtains for the free world when she started blowin' out the green snots.  it was official -- mama had a totally nasty head cold.  ewwwww.  unfortunately, since mama took off from work to go visit grampy and grammy (her daddy and mama), she couldn't call in sickies.  that means mama had to work all this week feelin' really gross.  she would come home from work and immediately take a hot shower and get in her jammies.  daddy and asa went on lots of chicken noodle soup runs.  as you know, i am totally a mama's boy, so it was my very serious mission to comfort mama and provide the endless snugglefications.  we did lots of this all week:

now ya'll are pretty quick like, so i'm guessin' you saw the hooge bandage on my mama's finger and were all wonderin', "what's that??".

well, since mama had the sickies, she wasn't her normal self at all.  on tuesday, she was at clinic preppin' a room for a minor surgery, and she somehow had a clumsy moment and dropped the surgical scissors she was holdin' and stabbed herself in the left index finger pretty bad like.  fortunately, the scissors were sterile.  my mama is totally a lucky ducky cuz she was able to get dermabond to seal her ouchie and didn't have to get stitches.  (she's kinda a weenie about needles 'n stuff even though she sees it pretty much every day!)  i wanted to show you mama's ouchie, but she said no cuz she didn't wanna gross anybuddy out.
the good news is that mama is feelin' the betterment finally, so she can help me with bloggin' again!  hooray!  we'll be makin' our way around everybuddy's bloggies this weekend and start gettin' caught up.  we missed ya'll and can't wait to hear what's goin' on!  pretty please let me know if we missed anythingie important!