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Friday, February 26, 2010


hey everybodeee!

i just got back from my vet visit.  mama made good on her promise to bring cookies this time, which was way excellent!  i stepped on that evil, wiggley-wobbley scale like a pro.  66.8 lbs of handsomeness!  then we went in the little exam room, and the vet helper dude tried to draw some blood from my leg.  the helper dude had to stick me like 6 times before he found my vein.  kinda ouchies.  he was new, and besides, i am really furry, so i told him it was okay.  mama gave me a tasty cookie with sprinkles after that experience.  yummy yummers!  then my vet doctor lady came in.  i <3 her!  she gave me lots of tummy rubs and told me that i was such a big boy!  *excited wiggles*  mama had to calm me down after that, heehee.  next, i got poked with 2 needles that are supposed to protect me from sickies.  i didn't mind the needle pokes at all.  what i do mind is that stupid thingie that they squirt up my nose to keep me from getting a cold and coughies.  roar!  it gives me the nose tickles like crazy.  i tried to escape, but mama cornered me and held me down so i couldn't squirm away.  i did get another cookie after...carob FTW!  maybe i can learn to live with the nose squirt thingie?
on our way out, i met a fun new friend named scooter!  he is an awesome 2 year old weiner dog type.  we chased and played for a bit, and i have to say, he is way cool for such a little guy.  anyway, scooter was with his foster mama, and he is looking for his forever home.  i told him i'd put in a good word!  put this into your interwebz if you're interested: .
happy friday, ya'll!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordless wednesday

Friday, February 19, 2010

the after meal chew

so today, i'd like to chat with you about an important topic -- dental hygiene.  mama tells me that it's essential to have fresh breath and clean teeth, especially if i want to continue to woo the ladies with my handsome self.  and we all know that i do.
anyways, i wanted to share my secret with ya'll for a sparkling smile.  i present to you what is known as "the after meal chew".  it's very simple to follow.  all you doggies have to do is enjoy your meal as usual and then go find your favorite bone.  chew chew chew on your bone for about 15 minutes, and *bam*, you've got clean teeth and delightful breath.  after that, it's just up to you to turn on the charm.

i myself have a breakfast bone and a supper bone.  here's my breakfast bone:
(i'm a little bummed, though, because mama told me my breakfast bone was getting too small after all the chew sessions, so she's gonna make me get a new one soon.)

here's my supper bone:

and here i am demonstrating the after meal chew:
a good lick to prep my bone for chewing

 starting my chew at a gentle pace

work the bone around all your toothies to get them super clean and shiny!

15 minutes later, i've got fresh breath and squeaky clean teeth. dashing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow day!

so yesterday, mama and daddy took me and asa for a loooong hike in the forest.  we had a great time explorin' and sniffin' and chasin' stuff.  the snow made everything look really pretty, so of course, mama had her flashy camera out and was taking pictures of everything like crazy.  asa and i took so many glamour shots...we could be modeling dogs!  heehee.

we're ready to go!

hey, all you single lady stuff here!

asa intoxicated by a smell in the snow.

  okay, mama, we're looking at the camera...WAIT, I SEE A SQUIRREL OVER THERE!

there's that squirrel over there again.

it was a great day of hiking, and man alive, was i super pooped when we got home. before i could nap, though, mama made asa and i go tubbin' since we got *slightly* dirty on the hike.  i say mama was way overreacting...she was scrubbin' me like i had cooties or something.  sheesh!

Friday, February 12, 2010

sometimes the weatherman is right!

last night, the weatherman said it was going to snow today.  mama and i looked at each other and laughed and laughed; we'd believe it when we'd see it!
well, mama just told me we had to eat our words.  i don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds good to me as long as those word thingies are yummy 'n delicious.  but anyways, guess what!!! 
i'm playing in the snow with my big sister, asa, right now!  zoomies across the backyard...shoving our noses in the snow...playing with my ball...awesomeness!!!  this snow stuff sure is exciting!
here are some pictures for proof of the snow.  (mama said she's sorry that the pictures are grainy...something about a blackberry and low resolution?)

my big sis asa and i zooming in the backyard.  i like to run with my ball in my mouth.

asa and i inspecting an intriguing smelly in the snow.

aren't i the most handsomest boy ever?

miss asa under the crepe myrtle.  she has a special jacket because she's a pittie and gets chilly easily.

i overheard mama and daddy talking about going for a hike tomorrow.  oh boy, oh boy!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wordless wednesday: a timeline


Tuesday, February 9, 2010 which i officially introduce myself.

hey ya'll.  my name's booker, but my friends refer to me as the booker man!
i live in south carolina with my mama, my daddy, and my fur sister, asa.  basically, it's been rainin' and rainin' and rainin' for days.  that's just what happens in the winter.  i don't suppose it would ever get cold enough here to get some of that snow stuff like up north.  at least you can go walkies in the snow.  rain = cooped up in the house.  *sad eyes*
the good news is that i finally wore my mama down, and she's letting me have my own bloggie.  she figures if i can't expend my energy on walkies at the moment, she better give me something to do...something that doesn't involve incessantly squeaking my squeaker ball.  teehee.  (did i mention that i love squeaker balls?  but i digress...)
it's completely past my bed time.  if mama finds out that i'm still up, i'll be in big trouble.  i promise to post more tomorrow...maybe even a totally awesome photo montage of yours truly?  eh?  eh?