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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

doggie swap!

so my totally awesome friend, miss sprinkles, hosts a doggone doggie swap every year, and this year, me 'n asa got to join in on the funsies!  we also got to meet new friendz, which is always super duper cool!  our doggie swap pals were miss blanche the boxer 'n miss ta'killa the chihuahua, along with their daddy, mr. meeko.

i knew right away this pressie was for me 'n asa cuz of the doggie swap picture!
miss blanche 'n miss ta'killa pawed us a letter with their picture!
mega spiffy pressies!!!

miss blanche 'n miss ta'killa really know what a doggie likes!  they sent four baggies of treatsies, a pink rope toy and a hooge rawhide bone for asa, and a blue rope toy and an air kong squeaker toy for me!  can you woof JACKPOT??  teeheehee!!
thankies miss sprinkles for hostin' and organizin' your totally fab doggie swap, and thankies miss blanche 'n miss ta'killa for being our doggie swap pals!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

mr. pip: little dude, hooge heart!

back in may, my way handsome 'n debonair friend, mr. pip, celebrated his very first blogaversary!

work it, mr. pip!!  (photo borrowed from mr. pip's blog.)

he had a funsies contest where everybuddy had to try and guess the answers to questions about himself and his pack.  well, i was a total lucky ducky and won that contest!  now we all know that mr. pip 'n his mama are very much full of the kindnesses.  they donated like 50 gazillion green papers to the joplin humane society to help all the doggies 'n kitties who had lost their homes 'n stuff from those very scary tornadoes.  even though mr. pip 'n his mama had made that hooge donation, they still sent me a surprise pressie -- zuke's lamb jerky and an air kong football!

can you tell that i'm totally full of the excitements?  teehee.

thankies, mr. pip!  you 'n your mama are very much sweet, and it's an honorfication to be your friend!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

we're baaaaaack!!

howdy doody, everybuddy!!
i just wanted to let ya'll know that me 'n asa are back!  if you look really super close like at the pic below, you might be able to figure out where we've been.  teehee.

did we miss anythingie big while we were gone?  (don't worry -- we made it to the picnic in the bark, and it was totally awesome sauce!)
we'll be makin' our way around to visit 'n catch up with ya'll, okie dokie?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's not really campin' if there aren't swimmies involved!!

okie recap my totally awesome sauce campin' trip up to this point, me and asa and mama and daddy had already made it through a mega gusty thunderstorm and been on a grrreat hike through the woods and along lake hartwell.  but it's just not campin' for reals unless you get your paws wet, so of course we headed down to the lake for some epic water funsies!!

even my big sis asa, who is not a really big fan of the waters, decided to go in the lake for a dip!  she even went for a mini swimmie!  watch 'n see!

after me 'n asa got super pooped from splashin' around in the lake, we went back to camp and spread out in the sunshineys so we could dry off and work on our tans before supper.

we even had a little inchworm friend come 'n join us!  neato! 

too bad i couldn't bring him home with me.  my mama said N-O.  we'll see you next time, though, mr. inchworm!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

the campin' extravaganza continues!

so in case you need a mind refreshification, me and asa and mama and daddy were campin' and had just made it through a mega storm that lasted all night!  daddy got our camp fire blazin' again, and we had a way delish breakfast of bacon 'n eggs!  nommy!
the storm had passed and left a most beautimous 'n sunshiney day, so we decided to go on a big hike.  we picked a trail called the nature walk that would take us through the woods and by the shores of lake hartwell.

me 'n asa decidin' which trail to take!

we set off with asa leadin' the way cuz she is the bestest navigator!

follow the leader!

at first, i was a smidge full of the nervosity since there were all these super skinny wooden bridges to cross.  even way brave asa wasn't too sure about them. 

i don't know how i feel about this...
asa tried to go into the ditch instead of across the bridge!

but there were seriously like 50 gazillion of these bridge thingies, so we had to get used to them really quick like!

we've so got this down now!
we're not scared of you anymore, little wooden bridge!

asa was feelin' uber spunky.  she's gonna be 9 years old in october, but look at her jump this log!  9 is the new 4!  teehee.

she's got ups!

we came out of the woods right up on the shore of lake hartwell.  mama was too slow with the camera, but right when we approached, a hooge 'n handsome grrreat blue heron stared us down and then took off into the sky!!

the heron was snooterin' around in the waters lookin' for fishies!
this is a grrreat blue heron!  thankies to wikipedia for this pic!

asa went crazy go nuts over the heron, and dragged mama to the water.  asa sniffed 'n sniffed everywhere.  i did, too.  we were really interested cuz we had nevarrr evarrr seen a grrreat blue heron before!

after our heron sighting, we were all gettin' the rumblies in our tummies, so we headed back to camp to make lunch.  i overheard mama say somethingie to daddy about goin' back to the lake for swimmies after lunch!!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

once upon a time, i went campin'!

do ya'll remember me postin' this pic awhile back?

it is from a totally awesome sauce campin' trip that me and asa and mama and daddy went on like 50 gazillion years ago!  okie dokie, it wasn't really that long ago...we went in april, but mama just now got around to gettin' all the pics off of her flashy camera.
anywho, are ya'll ready to hear a campin' adventure story??  i'll woof about everythingie, includin' why my mama has such a big smiley on her face in the tent pic!  teehee.
so way back in april, mama 'n daddy loaded me and asa and all of our campin' gear into the car, and we drove and drove and drove to a far away place called lake hartwell.  mr. google let me attach a map, so you can see where lake hartwell is if you want!

when we finally got to lake hartwell, we found the state recreation area, which is where we had reserved our camp site.  there was a super secret CAMPERS ONLY entrance just for us! 

mama tried to get me 'n asa to pose by the sign by ourselves, but we didn't feel like lookin' at the flashy camera.  this is our best "snooty" look.  heeheehee.

we got to our camp site, which was totally spiffy and right on the lake!  check out our view!

daddy 'n mama got our tent, green tarp, and pop-up canopy set up while me 'n asa enjoyed bully sticks.  yummy yummers!  then i gave mama my bestest googley eyes cuz i wanted to go explorin'!

"look deep into my eyes!  you will take me walkies..."

since it was gettin' close to supper time, we did a quick walkie around our camp site area.  we found this nifty mega flowerin' bush that was growin' around a hooge tree!

we got back to camp about an hour later, and daddy got the fire goin' so we could roast some hot dogs (tube steaks for mr. frankie!!).  as the sun was settin', we started makin' s'mores.  this is when thingies started gettin' a smidge excitin'.  mama was in the middle of toastin' her 52,891 marshmallow when she felt somethingie hit her face.  that somethingie was wet.  then another wet somethingie hit her face, and before you could woof "where's the umbrella?", the sky let loose with buckets of waters!  the wind started blowin' all crazy go nuts, and the sky was lightin' up with boomers!
the rain and wind and boomers lasted all night long.  none of us snoozed very much, and mama was totally worried that we were gonna get washed and/or blown away in our little tent.  thankfully, the storm stopped around sunrise, and we all fell into a deep snooze for a few hours.  when we woke up, the sun was shinin' all bright like, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky!  can you believe that?!
daddy took the pic of mama and me and asa in the tent right after we woke up in the morning.  now you know why mama was so very much happy (cuz normally she's kinda cranky pants about gettin' up in the morning)! 

YAY!  we didn't float away!

thank goodnesses for our special green tarp!  it totally saved the day!  the only problem was that daddy's fire got way soaked, so he had to work really really hard to get it goin' again.  i totally knew he could do it, though, cuz he was a grrreat boy scout growin' up!  heehee.

daddy's totally PRO at makin' fires!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

see you soon!!

me 'n asa are gonna be way super duper busy for the next 2ish weeks, so we are not gonna be around very much at all.  we're full of the excitements about all the stuff 'n thingies that we are gonna get to do, but it stinks that we won't get to come by and visit everybuddy like normal.  boohoo.
oh, and mama finally got her act together and helped me to set up some posts in advance.  you'll get to read about my way exciting like campin' trip from way back in april!  i've got my paws crossed that everythingie works and that blogger doesn't have another melt down.  teehee.

pretty please don't forget about us!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

see spot run!

i did somethingie very much funsies this past weekend that involved two of my most favoritest activities -- zoomin' and socializin'!!  the humane society in my town had a 5K race to raise green papers 'n celebrate the opening of a spiffy new doggie park!  i got to run the race with my mama 'n daddy!  

i totally heart runnin' in races, but a lot of the time, the race organizer peeps are kinda all bah humbug-ish and won't let us doggies join in the excitements.  not this time, though!  the see spot run race was all about us doggies!  hip hip hooray!!
so the 5K was nice 'n early at 7:30 in the morning this past saturday, which was grrreat since it hadn't gotten steamy hot outside yet.  whenevarrr i get to run in a race, i always run with my mama.  there are two reasons for this.  first like, my daddy runs very speedy gonzales-ish all on his own.  second like, my mama is slower than molasses and needs some ants in her pants!  my job is to get mama in the runnin' groove and provide the motivationals.  now, obviously, we couldn't take any pics while we were runnin', but i drew a little reenactment of me gettin' mama fired up!

my way special technique works every time!  me and mama and daddy finished the race strong and got grrreat times, even though mama tried to make me stop a couple times for water breaks.  (more like she was tryin' to cheat and get little rest breaks!!)  but really, i should totally point out that the nice humane society volunteers had set up like four or five awesome sauce water stations along the race course with waters to drink and little plastic pools full of water and somebuddy with a squirty hose just so no doggie would get overheated.  i didn't drink any waters until the end of the race cuz i was uber focused, but i did get a really quick refreshin' squirt down with the hose about half way through.  anywho, here i am with my sweaty mama after we finished the race!

there were lots of yummy delish snacks to eat when we were done -- bagels and english muffins with cream cheesy and nanas and orange slices and of course lots 'n lots of water.  me and mama and daddy sat down in the park's amphitheater and ate some orange slices while we waited for the awards ceremony.
see the hooge golden retriever in the pic below?  that's spot!  he's the official doggie mascot of the race.  spot is a really really really fast runner and does lots of races, so he's totally pro!  well, an anonymous donor decided to donate extra green papers to my town's humane society for any doggies that could beat spot in the race.  there were three doggies that beat spot, so that's even more green papers for my town's humane society!  YAY!

spot workin' the crowd!

i can't wait to run my next race!  there's gonna be another 5K in october to raise green papers for a local group that helps hoomans with special needs get matched up with their very own assistance doggie.  rock on!!

i was born to zoom!  heehee!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

we've been furminated!

ya'll prolly remember that my mama is kinda sorta a cheap skate.  heehee.  well, she finally broke down and bought one of those furminator thingies that cost a pile of green papers.  apparently my blondie furs were gatherin' everywhere, and mama was gettin' a smidge cranky pants.  anywho, i got furminated, and it felt sooooo good!  even my big sis asa, who doesn't have very many furs to begin with, got a mini furmination!  we love how smooth 'n shiny our furs looked afterwards.  also, mama can already tell that there are WAY less of my blondie furs in the house, which means mr. vacuum gets to stay in his cave more often.  now that's what i call a win-win situation!!

bwuahaha!  it looks like i tooted out a mega fur ball!
asa's ponderin' exactly how many furs she shed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i totally have a green paw, too!

so most of you know that my big sis asa is like the gardening pro, and she looooves to woof about it.  well, i am good at growin' stuff, too!  do you remember my tree that mama and daddy helped me plant a little over one year ago?  here is my tree -- a carolina sapphire -- when we planted it back in april 2010.

baby stan!

i named my tree stan.  i have been givin' him the mega attentions 'n cares.  i water stan lots 'n lots.  i fluff his pine straw, and i even woof to him every night before i go to bed.  i think he likes me cuz this is what he looks like now!

beefy stan!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

blogger was being a poopy pants, but it's all good now!!

i think blogger must have had the mega sickies cuz, boy howdy, i couldn't do anythingie at all from like wednesday until yesterday afternoon!  first it was stuck in some maintenance "read only" mode, and then after that was over, i kept gettin' this "the page you are looking for does not exist" message every time i tried to comment on bloggies or even paw a post for my bloggie!  blarg!!
anywho, now that blogger is back to normal, what i've totally been wantin' to show you is my way super duper cool surprise easter pressie that i got!  i know easter was like 50 gazillion days ago, but try to rewind yourself back to there, okie dokie?
so here's what happened.  when my mama came home from work on the thursday before easter, she said that the mail lady had left a package on the front step for me!  i was totally full of the excitements and had no idea who it was from!  i did a little snoopervising and saw that it said the barkers dozen on the box.  also somethingie smelled yummy delish inside!  i opened up the box all speedy gonzales like, and there was a letter from my most loveliest lady, miss mayzie!

my sweet miss mayzie had sent me an all-you-can-nom buffet of chicken treatsies, PB treatsies, and carob PB cups!  be still my labradude heart!  i have the most beautimous 'n generous brindle furred girlfriend in the whole wide world!

i don't know if you can tell, but i was pretty happy happy joy joy about my treatsies.  teehee.  i wanted to dig right in, but mama made me practice bein' patient like.  i'm balancing my treatsies on my paw.

hey, everybuddy!  guess what!
my girlfriend sent me treatsies!

btw, miss mayzie, i followed your instructions and shared my treatsies with my big sis asa!  my mama made her practice bein' patient like, too.


oh, and here are me 'n asa enjoyin' the totally awesome sauce carob PB cups!  see how they are especially ooey gooey?  well, the day that the mail lady brought my surprise pressie, it was really steamy outside, so the carob PB cups got a smidge squishy.  me 'n asa looooved it cuz we got the yummy goodness all over our snooters and our paws and stuff.  heeheeheeeeeee.  of course, mama made us be all full of the manners before she would let us eat.  sigh.

bwuahaha!  asa's lookin' a little crazy go nuts here!
okie dokie, mama, we are all calm now and ready to eat our carob PB cups!!

super mega thankies to you, miss mayzie, for thinkin' of me, your booker man, and sendin' this totally tasty surprise pressie of goodness!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

celebrate your mama!!

my mama gives me permanent warm fuzzies inside.
she gives the bestest tummy rubs 'n gentle ear pulls.
she's always up for throwin' my tennis ball or frisbee.
she makes the most super delish meals evarrr and always has treatsies to give out.
if i am down in the dumps or scared, my mama always provides the endless snugglefications.
she thinks i'm handsome even if i'm havin' a bad fur day.
she always makes sure that my bed is in the sunshineys.
there is nobuddy i'd rather go walkies with!
mama rents movies just so she doesn't have to leave me 'n asa home alone.
if i am itchy, my mama knows just the right spot to give me scritches.
after she finishes eatin' her yogurts, she always lets me 'n asa lick the cup.
she takes me on car rides just because.
she always gives me goodnight smoochies 'n tucks me in my blankey.

happy mother's day to you, mama!  i love you bunches 'n tons!
and happy mother's day to all of you mamas out there!  us furkids and two legger kids wouldn't be the same without you!