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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wordless wednesday: from the puppy vault

"i could certainly use an afternoon slumber right about now, booker."

Monday, September 27, 2010

better late than nevarrr, and the mail lady came!

i kinda sorta need to apologize cuz i was awardified x 2 awhile back, and i am just now postin' about it.  miss sprinkles and hero, could you pretty please forgive the booker man?  maybe if i just scoot right up close to your screen and give you mega hooge puppy eyes like this?  would that work??     

pretty please?

okie dokie, i think that worked.  whew!!  now let me woof to you about my awardies.  firstly, this versatile blogger awardie is from my super duper awesome friend miss sprinkles, who totally just got my mama addicted to coconut m&m's!  teehee.  anywho, thankies so much, miss sprinkles!  i love that it's my most fave green color!  i also totally dig the yellow daisy peekin' out from the corner!   

a little birdie told me that with this awardie, i should share 7 thingies about myself.  i know i have shared some factoids in the past, but i'm gonna do it again so i can maintain my versatileness!  besides, some of ya'll are new friendz of mine, so you prolly didn't read my factoids before.  so here i go!!

1.  my birthday is on 11/8/08.  i'm gonna be 2 years old soon!
2.  i'm a health conscious labradude, and i love snackin' on veggies.  
     carrots and cukes are my faves!
3.  there is a wrestle mania move named after me!  it's called the booker 
     man hop.  that's when i sneak up on you from behind and grab one 
     of your back leggies in my mouth so you have to hop to keep from 
     tippin' over.  heehee.
4.  i totally heart squeaky balls!
5.  in the morning, i love to hang out with my mama and help her get 
     ready for work.  when she's dryin' her hair, she'll flip her head over, 
     and her face is at just the right level for crazy go nuts kissies!!
6.  i am an expert bumble bee chaser.
7.  my lovely girlfriend is miss mayzie, the prettiest brindle furred lady 
     that evarrr was!

my next awardies are a twofer from hero, my way cool 'n adventurous sharpei friend who lives in the beautimous far away land of malaysia.  these two awardies together make the "thank you for being my friend" pair.  it's like a big thankie and a super huggle all wrapped into one!  you can't go wrong with that!  thanks bunches 'n tons, hero!

i would like to offer my awardies to all of you, my special friendz!  i am such a lucky ducky to be a part of this bloggie community filled to the brim with kind and caring animals and hoomans!  please take these awardies as a gift from me if you would like them! 


last but not least, remember how i won miss sugar's book giveaway?  guess what my mail lady brought the other day?  yuppers, it was the book i won -- a dog named slugger by leigh brill!  me and asa are soooo excited to read it with mama!  asa's even going to do a book review when we finish it, so keep your peepers open for that! 

come on, mama, let's read!
miss sugar even sent some of her homemade treatsies and a photo card that will make the most perfect bookmark!  wasn't that just super duper nice of her?  thank you so very much, miss sugar!  me and asa and mama appreciate your generosity!!!

these treatsies are SO YUMMY YUMMERS!!!
miss sugar is so full of the photogenics!
gracias, miss sugar!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

fridays with asa: he goes by the name of brodie.

friday greetings to you, my fellow comrades!
today i find myself in a particularly jovial disposition, and i am quite unable to restrain my giddiness.  what is this emotion that has flooded over me, you ask?  allow me to share with you what has recently transpired in my life.
as many of you have ascertained, i tend to be a sensible, serious, and introspective canine.  coupling these traits along with my more mature, old fashioned stature, i had reached the conclusion that i, asa, was not ideal "relationship material".  one could only imagine my surprise when approximately a fortnight ago, a certain gentledog approached my little brother booker with this message:

Oh, Mr. Bookerman... I uh was wondering if I... uh.. may court Asa? With your permission of course. And if she will have me that is...

shortly thereafter, booker approached me to convey the message.  my heart swelled with hope as a ship's sail that has harnessed the wind.  who was this magnanimous gentledog who considered it of utmost courtesy to first request permission from my little brother to pursue me? 
booker indicated that he had thoroughly examined my potential suitor and found him to be of upstanding, moral character.  furthermore, my little brother concluded that my admirer was of a more gregarious and playful nature, which he believed would aid me in coming out of my shell a bit.
i, asa, greatly respect the opinion of my little brother, and so i embraced the opportunity to get to know my admirer.  roughly one week ago, i responded to my suitor in the affirmative.  i am enchanted to share with you all that i am now the special lady of my handsome gentledog:

is he not ruggedly handsome & good looking?

he relishes in a relaxing slumber as do i.
he is a fellow food connoisseur.
he shares a vast knowledge of the latest scarf fashion.
he enjoys masticating on a bone as much as i do.
besides, i have a penchant for blondes!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's national doggie week, and we're letting it all hang out!!

hey everybuddy!  i think ya'll know it's national doggie week by now, but if somehow you've been behind closed doors slurpin' the toilet waters for the past couple weeks, then consider this your informational!  how mega awesome is it that we doggies get to celebrate for a whole week just for being our most beautimous and handsome selves??  this is all kinds of stupendous and crazy go nuts cool! 
in honor of national doggie week, my cute little friend miss twinkie is having a "show us your tongue" photo contest!  all you gotta do is send an email to miss twinkie with a picture of yourself hangin' out your tongue for all the world to see, or you can even do a whole post about it and just email miss twinkie your post link.  if you've got any question thingamabobs, just clicky here!   oh, and let me just woof to ya'll -- i have seen some uber tongue sticker-outters already.  teehee!!
so happy national doggie week to ya'll, and here's me and asa doing our bestest tongue stick-outs! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

totally my bad!

hihi everybuddy!!!  i'm back for reals!!!

so i am way sorry cuz i was gone a little longer than i was supposed to be, but that's cuz some super exciting stuff 'n thingies happened at my house this past week after we got home from vaca!  my mama became an auntie x 2, and of course me and asa became cousins x 2!!  isn't that super awesome sauce?  firstly, my mama's brother and his wife had their baby boy!  then a few days later, my mama's way good friend/college roommate and her husband had their baby boy!  (i guess in this case, mama is kinda really an honorary auntie, and we are kinda really honorary cousins, but we are still just as full of the excitements!)  i just can not wait to meet both of my baby cousins and give them gooey nose kisses and teach them how to be good boys and play in the mud and dig holes!!  *squeeeee*
besides that super hooge awesome news, mama and daddy had funsies at their romantical beachy place, and me and asa had a grrreat time at summer camp!  remember that weenie roast and pool pawty i woofed about?  oh yeah, it was like the bestest time evarrr!

lookie at all those super delish weenies!  serious roastin' was going on here!  i ate about 50 gazillion of them, and i'm not gonna lie, i got a hooge tummy ache that night.  it was so worth it, though!!  heehee.

at the pool pawty, asa just wanted to be a lounge lizard, but i was totally diggin' the diving board!  i even got to bring my big green ball!  i met two way awesome black labradudes, and we had a blast swimmin' in the waters!
i've got tons of stories to share with ya'll.  oh, and i've got some shiny awardies to share, too!  most important like, my 100th post is comin' up soon, and i'm gonna have a special contest!  stay tuned for all this mega goodness!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the last hurrah!

hey everybuddy!
my daddy will be coming home from germany very soonish, and to celebrate, he and mama are gonna go to some romantical beachy place like this:

me and asa get to go to summer camp one more time!  we are uber excited cuz there's gonna be an end of the summer weenie roast and pool pawty!  woohoooo!!

we are ready to go to summer camp, mama!!!
i hope ya'll have a super excellent labor day, and i'll see you in a little over a week!

Friday, September 3, 2010

fridays with asa: a tribute to molly

a heartfelt thank you to minna krebs for creating this badge

see the evening sky delight
with shining, twinkling stars.
see you the one that burns so bright?
'tis molly smiling from afar.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wordless wednesday: just swingin'

mama found this cute video about miss sara the dog from over at the laughing squid.