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Monday, December 6, 2010

gettin' my shopping groove on!

mr. frankie came up with this really spiffy shop 'til you drop idea where you paw a post about what your hoomans want for christmas.  so i've been doin' some crazy go nuts covert ops stuff to try and figure out what my mama is wantin' for christmas.  see, she likes to get on the compy and look at thingies that she is full of the wishes for.  i decided to get crafty like and set up a secret snoopervising zone to check thingies out.  this was the setup:

you can't even see me, can you?  i'm hidin' behind the plant in my mama and daddy's office!  my furs totally blended in with the green was almost as if i had the invisiblenesses like a superhero!  teehee.  anywho, i collected a bunch of infos on christmas pressies for mama while she was surfin' the interwebs. 
now let me just woof that if somebuddy was like, "hey booker man!  what do you want for christmas??"  i'd totally be like, "i could go for 50 gazillion little smokeys or even an all-you-can-nom steak buffet!"  with my mama, though, you gotta remember two thingies.  first like, i love her and all, but she's kinda sorta square.  second like, she's sooooo miss cleany mccleanifson.  that's why the number one thingie on my mama's christmas wish list is a vacuum.  i'm way not kidding.  and not just any vacuum, but a fancy schmancy oreck vacuum.  this one to be exact:

apparently, everythingie was all hunky dory with just asa since she doesn't have very many furs, but when i came into the pack, mama had a nervous breakdown over the amount of furs i was distributing.  well, i happen to think that a fur covered home is a nicely lived in home.  my mama has other wack-a-doodle ideas, though, and now she's willin' to spend mega green papers for a vacuum that could basically suck up any doggie's furs within ten miles of our house.
fortunately, the rest of the thingies that mama wants for christmas are pretty much normal!  she would be most full of the excitements to receive one of those scarf thingies that the hoomans like to wear with their outfits.  (i think she's tryin' to get some fashionosity goin'.)  she's a big fan of gray and green and blue, so either of these would be grrreat:

then she would also like a new roul'pat!  she uses these silicone mat thingies to roll out cookie dough or fondant for cakes or pie crusts.  look at how super hooge this one's like 2 feet by 3 feet!  mama could roll out stuff 'til the cows come home.  teehee. 

okie dokie, i better go now cuz i gotta find daddy and asa so we can start shoppin' for mama!!


Priscilla said...

A fantastic header, Booker man! You look so comfy there with Asa.

That vacuum looks really cool and my mom is so interested in it and she'd love to have one if it can really suck up any doggie's furs within ten miles of your house.

Minna Krebs said...

Great Choices..butt I kinda feel sorry fur all da unsuspecting dogs in your neighborhooh that will suddenly be low on furs! BOL!!!

PeeS. Love your Christmas Header AND your REALISTIC artwork!

houndstooth said...

Happy shopping, Booker!

Mom has one of those roul pats, but two feet by three feet?! What oven would that fit into? Wowzers!


jen said...

Have fun shopping Booker!

Love your mom's list:)

Tucker said...

Totally don't understand the furs thing... my Momma does the same freaking out over my furs all over the place. I tells her not to wear black cause my white furs will show up but she never listens.

woof - Tucker

KB said...

Hi Booker! Funny, we've had all sorts of dogs, including all three colors of labs. Our yellow lab, S, used to shed SO much more than any of our other dogs. We could've used that vacuum. At least your mom isn't planning to vacuum YOU!

Love your snooping. You blend in with that plant so perfectly :)

rottrover said...

Bookerman, you are the cleverest, sneakiest Christmas present spy! Excellent work -- and illustrations!

And if KB says you blend in with that plant, you surely do. She knows about that stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Booker Man!! You are most skilled at covert operations. I couldn't even see you hiding behind that plant. I bet your Mom couldn't see you either! Your Mom has a nice Christmas list, I bet she can't wait to see what you got her!

Elyse and Riley

Frankie Furter said...

FURST... thank dawgness you told us where to look fur YOU.. I would NEVER have seen you behind that plant. Grrrreat camo buddy.
Now about that Vacula guy named Oreck.. You will neffer effer believe this one... My mom has its TWIN.. even the little vacula guy. It is the worstest thingy EFFER in the whole wide world. When Vacula or Vacula Jr. come out of their cave... I go OUTSIDE.. no matter WHAT the weather is like!!! I do NOT know why my mom has such Mad Love fur her Vaculas butt she does. I keep sayin if she Love ME (Frankie Furter) she would get RID of them BOTH. Butt she Refuses. I'm just sayin' YOU may not be happy if you get her the Vaculas... butt SHE will be!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love your new header, very in the spirit of the holidays. :-)

Have fun with your shopping! It looks like you have some terrific ideas.

Terrorzinhos said...

Happy shopping!
Love the photo of you under the tree!

Anonymous said...

Okay, firstly, my heart just got all gooey-melty looking at that picture of you and Asa in your header. I SOOOO wish Brudder Ranger would cuddle with me like that. But everytime I try, he's all, "Ewwwwwww! You're touching me! You're too close! You're getting brindle furs all OVER me!" Sigh.

Oh, and thank you for pointing out where you were in that drawing cuz I totally wouldn't have found you otherwise - being all invisible-like. Those are some great pressies but, um, maybe you could just skip over that vacuum machine. Those things are SKEERY!

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. Maybe you could just gets your mom to save all your furs and have them woven into a scarf for her. That would kill two pressies with one stone.

Hound Girl said...

I love the christmas header!! so sweet!
Mr bookerman you silly boy I could hardly see you hiding behind that plant!
Tell your mommy I love the first scarf :)

The Luke said...

First, I LOVE your header!!! And second, you have come up wif a brilliant covert operation to scoop your the Mom! I could not see you behind the plant not one bit at all... and clearly, neither did your the Mom!

Have fun shoppin for her, and while you're at it, I fink she might like a stuffy or two and also don't forget the treats!

wif love from the Luke

scotsmad said...

You'd better watch it, Booker. SHE might try vacuuming the furs right off you BEFORE they get dispersed throughout the house!

We love the new header.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ms. ~K said...

We love, love, LOVE your new header and no, we didn't see you behind the green plant....

Happy shopping LabraPal,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Ina in Alaska said...

Dear Booker Man, when you are finished sleuthing your Mom, we could use your amazing camoflauge detective skills to assist us here in Anchorage! Pretty good snooping, I say!

I have the Dyson vacuum and I super duper love it! There is a Dyson Pet Hair version which works really well.... I never priced the Oreck but I just love the way the Dyson ball technology works!

Love the first scarf, they are such handy and glamorous accessories.

Have fun shopping and wishing!!

Auntie Ina and the Alaska Cousins xoxox

3 doxies said...

I can't agree on da vacula cuz they has been known to cause TORNADOS...fur reals. My mum went on a cleaning frenzy and caused one in our was on da news and everything! My mum is a clean freak too.
But, I loves da scrves thingys...beautiful colors.


Ann said...

snazzy new header you got there booker. good plan on finding out what mommy wants for christmas

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a great STEAKout spot!

I'm sure she had NO idea woo were there snooping!


kissa-bull said...

are you sures you were there we totally could not see you , maybe you really DO have the invisibleness. . . wanna join ouw pto society we could use someone wiff your superheroness for our quest to takes over the woild

sugary pibble kisses
the pittie pack

Sagira said...

Oh...I love your new header picture. Very cute!

I hope your humans get some of the things they want.

Mr. Pip said...

Mama would go crazy for one of those fancy vacuums! Ours is about to go ...

Your pal, Pip

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

May your mama's Christmas wishes come true! Tell her that if you have a vac store nearby, the thing they recommend is one of those old fashioned hotel vac... Even used, those are better than most anything new!!!

Benny and Lily said...

We are liking all those choices.
Benny & Lily

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Love that new header, Booker - you two look like you are all camped out and waiting for Santa Paws.

Great idea for the Mom - we have no clue what to get ours - she isn't helping with any hints either.

Happy shopping - be sure Dad brings along the plastic cards.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Anonymous said...

You are one sneaky dude Bookerman BOL! Great idea to make your stakeout in the bush :)

Your Momma's too funny. All I want for Christmas is a vacuum. Shakin my head :) and thinkin a scarf or two to go with that would be a very nice thing for her indeed :)

Happy shoppin,

Mack said...

You are so thoughtful to think of your momma! And I can't find you in that bush anywhere Booker!!

Madi and Mom said...

Booker you are one super duper sleuth!!! Well done tell Mom all the furs you are distributing are her early Christmas gifts that will keep on giving.
Hugs Madi

sprinkles said...

I love that new header, it makes me smile!

Wow, your artwork is so realistic like, Booker! I'd never have seen you if you didn't happen to say where you were hidin' - you just totally blended in. And even after I knew where you were, I still had to really look hard to find you.

Oh yes, fur - the gift that keeps on giving! My boys aren't so bad but I had a kitty at one time who would literally pull out chunks of his hair and leave them all over. I was not pleased!

A vaccum isn't so bad if that's what your mama really wants. I hope she gets it. One year for Christmas I asked for a scale (yes, the kind you step on to see how much you weigh. I know, what was I thinking, right?) and a step stool. When people asked what I got, they all laughed at me. But it's what I wanted so I was happy.

Anonymous said...

Ah booker man, you and Asa are the best presents your momma could get. BUT - knowing women as I do, you still need to get her a little something.
Ben and the fellas

Life With Dogs said...

LOL! Your disguise is impressive! But you have so much more personality than a house plant, don't sell yourself short. ;)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello booker and asa its dennis the vizsla dog hay do yoo hav room under that blankie for a vizsla dog??? it luks verry warm and comfy!!! ok bye

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

You need a rest, after all that shoppin!

Can we use your Christmas picture as one of our Christmas Furiends posts?

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Jake of Florida said...

Very cool header!!!

The only time we distribute our furs is when one of our humans decides to remove them by force -- so when the evil vacuum comes out, its not because of us --- it's to remove the grass that said human tracks in on his sneakers after walking us on the golf course. So maybe it is our fault, but once removed.

We have to be isolated behind closed doors when the vacuum comes out since we cannot resist attacking it!!!

Wirey woofs!

Jake and Just Harry

Aksharaa said...

Booker and Asa, u look just so cozycomfy under that blankie. and what a lovely holidayish backdrop!

We tptally understand what u mean about distributing fur all over the place. Guess wot!? Our Mummy is a fanatic when it comes to cleaning too. and she only just bought herself a new vacuum just to get rid of our fur because the new one wasn't strong enough.we are a little hurt!

that is a very very fancy device and our mummy is already drooling over it!do u thhink it has a mute button??

and hey! that was good camouflage work!we totally didn't see u till u told us where to find u!
happy shopping!
wags, ginger n buddy n shadow too

Anny said...

Lurrrrrrrrveee you new header Booker and Asa :) You both look very contented.. hehehe

Your camouflageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is supa doopa cool.. hehehehe.. we sure can't see you hiding with the plant thingy.. hehehe

the vacuum looks pretty cool. hope santa will send her one. I love them grey scarf.. it is very pretty.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Booker! Wow you did such a great job of finding out what your mom wants - we wouldn't have even seen you in the picture if you didn't tell us you were there!! Boy your mom wants some interestning stuff - but at least she gives an idea what she wants - our mom doesn't give us a clue!!

Anonymous said...

What's this with the vacuum stuff? My peep wants one too! But She wants one with a canister. He helps vacuum (yes, it's true) and He doesn't want an upright one.

So, when your peep opens her gifty, please let me know how it goes.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to leave some of my wonderful hairs that aren't supposed to shed on the bed, on Her head, on the sofa, on the rug....

RRRROOOooooo! Stuart

Anonymous said...

Hi Booker! Glad to see everyone over at your place is in the holiday spirit. Have a happy holiday and remember to tell your Mom to share those baked goodies!


bichonpawz said...

The new header is great! You and Asa look so comfortable!! Have fun shopping!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug *your sneaky scheme seemed to work out just great!!

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Just saw you over at Coffee with a Canine- your pups are gorgeous! :)

The Strawberry Mallard said...

You two really know how to do up the Holiday!!!

Marg said...

We couldn't see you either behind that plant Booker. We loved that drawing. So well done. Why in the world would your Mom want the hairs off your back vacuumed up. They make a nice cover over everything. Hope you have a great week end Booker and a very Merry Christmas to you.

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Your Mama has great taste!!! Aren't momma's who bake the best? Cuz we get to taste!!!


Pee.s. Kisses to Asa

Sarge said...

Hey Booker Man!
Wow, great surveilance technique! Way to tap into your K9 cop-like skills. I'm sure your mom will like the gifts. Good work!!
Grr and Woof,

Nova said...

OH yay! I have been having such a hard time commenting on peoples pages lately.. (urr!) this post made me smile so big! I love love love your stake out spot!!!!

♥ Sallie said...

I totally can't see you back there! LOL!


George the Lad said...

lol!! a hoover would be on moms list, oh don't talk to me about lists its doing my fuzz head in!!! gald you got the chistmas card but so sorry I don't think I put Asa's name in it :(
Love the new header by the way.
See Yea George xxx

Madi and Mom said...

Way to go. I'm so glad they are bringing back a lot of the former contestants for the next edition of TAR!!! I love the cowboys!!!
Hugs Madi and Mom

sophie...^5 said...

OK..I finally got to the bottom of the comment's my 2nd run for today! I'm for sure for sure copying yer moves on this xmas deployment strategy...and I'm off and sleuthing!
PS..tks for the 'likes' on my new snow here yet so might have to do a new one.

Hoke said...

I think you have it all covered!! Love your new picture too. you look cozy-oozy!! Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

Me again :)

I finally got my cards in and would really like to send y'all one :) Please email me your dog house mailbox addy.


Wyatt said...

Hi Booker and Asa,
We saw you over at the Fiesty Three Christmas Friends!
Merry Christmas!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Doris Sturm said...

Hey, Booker man! Thanks for the fun Christmas card of you and your sis disco dancing ;-) It was fun to watch you wearing an afro LOL

I hope you all get what you are wishing for including mommy's Oreck and your all your can eat goodies...

Merry Christmas to you and all your family

From your friend,
Gizzy and his mommy!