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Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring is here cuz it's raining awardifications!

hihi everybuddy!!
it's been a super busy weekend at my house.  the garage got painted and the lawn got mowed and pine straw got put down and 5 trees got planted.  whew!  i'm all kinds of tired just thinkin' about it.
here's me with one of my new trees in the backyard that i am totally, absolutely not allowed to touch under any circumstance what-so-evarrr.  it's a carolina sapphire, and it's kinda bluey-green, and it smells totally fab!  mama says it's a type of cypress, and it was bred here in south carolina to be heat and drought tolerant.  that's a good thingie!

 yes, mama, i promise on my box of greenies that i won't touch the tree.  i'm just lookin'!!!

anywho, since mama's been workin' her hiney off, this is just gonna be short 'n sweet.  but i just HAD to post to thank my super nice friendz miss dory and miss puddles for awardifying the booker man!
first, miss dory gave me the beautiful blogger awardie!

thanks a ton, miss dory!!  i'm super honored that you have passed this awardie on to me!  now i am supposed to say 7 thingies about myself.  well, let's see...
(1)  sometimes i talk in the middle of snoozin'.
(2)  i can jump the whole flight of steps to the deck!
(3)  i love to eat veggies! 
(4)  i love water, but i'm kinda scared of the hose thingie.
(5)  on my chest where my furs come together, it forms a "T".  my mama and daddy will ask me if i want my "T" (chest) scratched sometimes.
(6)  when i was born, my nose was black, but now it's starting to turn pinkish.
(7)  i wanna be a therapy dog when i grow up!

i'd like to pass the beautiful blogger awardie on to these doggies:
(7)  miss lola  (ya'll should especially go visit miss lola and send healy vibes to her daddy.  pretty please.)

oh, why lookie here.  i seem to have given the beautiful blogger awardie to all ladies.  teeheehee!

next, miss puddles gave me the happy 101 awardie!
thanks so much, miss puddles!!  i feel really special to have gotten the happy 101 award twice now cuz i really love gettin' my friendz smilin' and happy.  oh yeah, and another one of those super delicious cupcakes doesn't hurt either.  
so with this awardie, i'm supposed to tell ya'll about 10 thingies that make me happy.  
(1)  digging holes in the backyard.
(2)  rollin' my ball under the desk or the telly or the couch and then makin' my mama or daddy go get it for me.  *giggle*
(3)  snugglin' with my mama in the big chair.
(4)  trying to give sneak attack kisses to my daddy when he's on the floor doing sit-ups.
(5)  camping!
(6)  doing wiggles in the shower while mama is putting shampoo on me and getting it all over her.  heehee!
(7)  little smokeys
(8)  hooman watching from the front door.
(9)  covert licks on the stuff in the dishwasher when mama isn't lookin'.
(10)  when my mama and daddy get home from work and they start squealin' cuz they're so happy to see me 'n asa!

okies, i'd like to give the happy 101 awardie to these doggies:
(1)  remington
(5)  mr. ben
(9)  tank
(10)  miss candy and captain crunch

i really gotta go to bed now.  sleep tight everybuddy!


Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Booker Man, that's a lot of stuff to get done in one weekend! Dang, you're makin' us look bad ova here! Say, we wonder how much trouble you'd be in if you tinkled on one of those new trees?

Stella, Gunther and Betty

hero said...

Congrats on the awards, booker man... the carolina sapphire may be heat and drought tolerant, but I'm not sure it's booker pee resistant.

Licks, hero

Olive said...

Congrats on the awards!!! Woof Woof!!!

Have a great week!!

Licks from me!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on the awards...

AND good lukhk with the tree!


Ina in Alaska said...

Be extra special nice to your Mom, Dad and Asa for all the hard work done this weekend... and be sure to protect that tree!! xoxo

Martine said...

Sounds like a really fun gardening weekend!!!

Thanks for passing us the award!!! We love awards!!!!!

Congrats on getting all of them!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

JD and Max said...

Hi Booker - ooh, we're sure you'll be a REAL good boy and won't touch that tree, no matter HOW good it smells! Well, maybe just the ocassional sniff from time to time eh, he he he!

Congratulations on your award - and oooohhh! - thank you SO much for passing the fun 101 awardie onto us! Oooh, we're so excited!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Lola said...

Congratulations on the award, booker and thank you for including me in the beautiful blogger award. I'll be back to pick that up as soon as I can. Just hold onto it for me until I can, OK?

Oh, I'm sure you'll make a pawsome therapy dog. I know just reading your post and comments always make me feel better.

wags, Lola

Mango said...

You'd best stay away from those trees. When I was a puppy I ate four baby fruit trees and Master was most gruff with me. Now I just water the trees.


houndstooth said...

Aww, thanks for the award, Booker Man! I completely believe that you will not touch that tree!


Frankie Furter said...

Wow, you were one busy pup over the weekend. I'll bet you needed 87 naps. Hey, you gave one of your awards to my Wimmen. That was furry nice of you.

3 doxies said...

Wells, since I from your parts...I knowa l bout da droughts, da hheat, and Lawd forbid da HUMIDITY!!!!
You cans never haves too many cupcakes or awardies. Congrats on da Beautiful Blogger too.

Remington said...

Thank you for the award. That was so very kind of you.
Great job with all the outside work you did! You must be tired!

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Congratulations on your awardies, Booker Man! They are Most Well Deserved! Oh! And I wanted to tells you that I told my momma about the l'il smokeys thing and she gots me some this weekend. Ohmigoodnesses! I was in l'il smokey heaven! I even went ahead and did a down on the hardwood floors (which I hates to do) cuz of those things.

Anyways, good job on all the hard work you did this weekend. Do you thinks they'll at least lets you help by watering that little tree?

Wiggles & Wags,

Cocorue said...

you had a busy weekend Mr BookerMan. if you don't mind, can you relate how and why you have such an unusual name?????

it makes you kinda special, you know?

chikisses for a fab week ahead

Dory and the Mama said...

What a nice tree there Bookerman. I really believe that you will ummm not touch it (with your tail!).

Just kidding of course, cause you are a very good boy!!

Congrats on the faboo awards!

Dog Foster Mom said...

Congratulations on your awards! I must admit that new tree looks very tempting, at least for the doggies I know. I hope you can resist just trying a little taste.

K9friend said...

Congratulations! You are one very happy beautiful blogger!

Schwang said...

Congrats on all your awards. That's a lot of outdoor work. I bet you're going to have an amazing yard.

Bella the Westie said...

It's nice to learn more about you :)
what interesting facts.

I hope you have a good rest to recover from such a busy weekend!
Take care.

Love, Bella.

Anonymous said...

Hi Booker Man,

My lazy family has not doen anything in the yard yet. It is still all kinds of winter-gross. We are way behind on our awards because of our writing contest and so much else going on--nice job keeping up with them and thanks for thinking of us!


Cocorue said...

thanks for the explanation and i do like the sound of " The BookerMan" you're My BookerMan!

much love and chikisses

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Booker
Do you get to water the tree?
Congrats on your awards & thanks for giving one to us.
Love Ruby & Penny

Mack and Mia said...

Congrats on all your awardies Dude! It's no suprprise because you are such a cool and pawsome guy!

Oh and one more thing. DON'T TOUCH THE TREE! You don't want your momma to ground you...then we won't be able to take Mayzie on her date!

Wags and woofs,
Mack and Mia

Cocorue said...

hey gorgeous,

just wanted to say "hi" to deMan, My BookerMan!


Santa and Minnie said...

We are sure you are not touching that tree, Bookerman. Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it on to us.

Twinkietinydog said...

It just didn't feel right to leave without properly thanking and congratulating you at the same time for your wonderful and well deserved awards. I loved reading your happy list. I bet I would love camping myself