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Friday, April 23, 2010

fridays with asa: a confession

i have an admission to make.  i must preface this by mentioning that as the alpha dog of the pack, i am somewhat reticent about exposing one of my weaknesses.  however, i find that a little vulnerability is quite refreshing in a world where individuals construct façades of utter self-sufficiency.  so today i shall be vulnerable with you, my furry friends, with the hope that our camaraderie will continue to blossom.
the good Lord saw fit to wire me as a dog of alertness.  as such, you will usually find me monitoring and sniffing the environment around me.  but there exists one thing that renders me a heap of gelatinous ooze.  this would be a bed amassed with glorious pillows.  i am quite non-discriminatory.  big pillows, small pillows, round pillows, square pillows-- i simply adore them all.
technically, i am not allowed on the bed unless i am invited by mom or dad.  i am convinced this is a moot point being that i am a mature, responsible, and well-groomed dog.  my little brother booker needs supervision, of course, but not i.  nevertheless, whenever my mom or dad "catch" me on the bed, they erupt into laughter and dash to get the camera to document my "insurrection".  i'd like to inquire if a dog such as myself might ever enjoy a little slumber amongst the pillows uninterrupted??

good day!


Anonymous said...

u definitely deserve a soft,cozy bed with all the pillows of ur choice n without THOSE FLASHING lights.
Being an ALPHA DOG is no easy job.
and about confessing to a weakness..i think that confessing about a weakness is the sign of a BRAVE n CONFIDANT soul.this goes to show that u are ready to face whatever comes ur way after d confession

Wags of admiration,

(*Swoon***) Ginger

3 doxies said...

Hangs on, I gots to redirect mum's attention...hers can't stop laughing at da last pikture.
Ok, Asa...being alpha means you cans do whatevers and whenevers you want. But I, Puddles am just simply da omega...darn it.
I haves many many weaknesses and I 'll tell ALL who wants to know.
pees: I may be omega but i still do whatever and whenevers too:)

Schwang said...

You look quite comfy in that bed. I especially like how you look all tucked in.

Remington said...

That looks like something I would like to do! I love the last pic! How sweet!

JD and Max said...

Oh ASA!!! You look so totally adorable, you should have put a 'cute overload' warning on this post! That last photo especially had FH squealing in some very high decibels - not that we blame her!

Gosh, but you ARE a lucky pup to be allowed on the bed, we're not allowed into the bedroom. BUT our humans do let us onto the sofas and we have a great collection of cushions, duvets and blankets that they have bought for us. Like you we love to be tucked in - we insist our humans tuck us up every night before they go to bed. And sometimés we will have selected a stuffie each too!

Asa, you are even MORE the alpha dog in our eyes after this wonderful confession. It takes a real leader to be honest about cushion, blankie and stuffie fondness - and you are a true leader!

Impressed and admiring schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Asa, you look so cute and comfy. We love the last picture!


scotsmad said...

It is only what you deserve! We can't get up on the bed by ourselves, so we have to wait....sometimes for days! Is that a camel you're cuddling?

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

PS Alpha is impressed by the basket of books. She's going out to get a basket, too.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

This post does need a SKHWEE alert!

Thanks fur sharing your pillow powers!


K9friend said...

You look so comfy it seems a shame to interrupt you. But you know how it is with the paparazzi!


kissa-bull said...

AWWW can we come snuggle wiff you it looks like a mighty big bed and will definately fit 4 more pibbles and 2 wee's right??

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Lola said...

I can understand your desire for peace and privacy, but the pictures are sooo wonderful. I don't think that enjoying a little luxury is a sign of weakness. I think it's a sign of a diva, which is a pawsome thing for a girl to be. And that photo of you with the stuffie. Oh, that should get you anything you want for a long time to come.

wags, Lola

Ms. ~K said...

Scoot over and make room for us, please!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

houndstooth said...

Asa, doesn't it seem like the more comfy we get in the bed, the more they have to take pictures of us, too? What is going on with that? You look like that bed was made just for you!


hero said...

The price to pay for being the alpha dawg in the house... those pesky paparazzi... but you're such a diva, Asa, and those shots are priceless. Who wouldn't fall for those fluffy pillows anyway.

Licks, hero

Frankie Furter said...

Asa you are a very accomplished bed sleeper!! I especially love the last one!!!! Bravo Bravo Encore Encore !!

PeeS Please tell the Booker Man that we do not put the stinky fishes on the wall. We mostly just put them back in the lake. Even the ones with ONLY ONE EYE!!! HEHEHE

sprinkles said...

My dog Shiver just likes to lay on the bed, he doesn't care if there are pillows or not. Chico likes to lay on top of the pillows.

Mango said...

That seems quite rational to me.


Deborah said...

OMD, I laughed out loud! That last picture is a riot! Very, very cute photo's, I would have grabbed the camera too!
Have a nice weekend!

CreekHiker said...

Asa, Keep working on your mom and dad...poopy dogs belong on a bed! You sure look comfy there!

Anonymous said...

Asa, that last picture of you is one of the most precious things I've ever seen in my whole entire life! I LUVS the bed SO much, too! Did you ever think when you were in that bad place that you would have such plushy comforts? You just keep insurrecting, girlfriend! You deserves it!

Wiggles & Wags,

Dory and the Mama said...

Oh My wonderful that you have a softer, snuggly side to your alpha persona!


Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Not to worry. We are all slaves to the pillow. In fact, we have our grandma trained to shop for the perfect pillow and ship them to us. Not too soft, not too hard and always must be made out of the perfect velour.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello asa its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm that luks like evry day arownd owr howse!!! ok bye

1000 Goldens said...

Next to stuffies, I must agree that pillows and human beds are the greatest creation on earth. That last picture is priceless :)


Hi Booker,

We're having a bet over here, I say your hooman and Riley says your not! Who'e right, me or him? You sleep like a hooman!

Star and Riley.

the booker man said...

i, asa, am a dog who slumbers like a human. i hope that solves your dilemma.

good day!

MAX said...

Just had to tell you...I LOVE the last picture!!!