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Friday, February 26, 2010


hey everybodeee!

i just got back from my vet visit.  mama made good on her promise to bring cookies this time, which was way excellent!  i stepped on that evil, wiggley-wobbley scale like a pro.  66.8 lbs of handsomeness!  then we went in the little exam room, and the vet helper dude tried to draw some blood from my leg.  the helper dude had to stick me like 6 times before he found my vein.  kinda ouchies.  he was new, and besides, i am really furry, so i told him it was okay.  mama gave me a tasty cookie with sprinkles after that experience.  yummy yummers!  then my vet doctor lady came in.  i <3 her!  she gave me lots of tummy rubs and told me that i was such a big boy!  *excited wiggles*  mama had to calm me down after that, heehee.  next, i got poked with 2 needles that are supposed to protect me from sickies.  i didn't mind the needle pokes at all.  what i do mind is that stupid thingie that they squirt up my nose to keep me from getting a cold and coughies.  roar!  it gives me the nose tickles like crazy.  i tried to escape, but mama cornered me and held me down so i couldn't squirm away.  i did get another cookie after...carob FTW!  maybe i can learn to live with the nose squirt thingie?
on our way out, i met a fun new friend named scooter!  he is an awesome 2 year old weiner dog type.  we chased and played for a bit, and i have to say, he is way cool for such a little guy.  anyway, scooter was with his foster mama, and he is looking for his forever home.  i told him i'd put in a good word!  put this into your interwebz if you're interested: .
happy friday, ya'll!!!


Emma Rose said...

It sounds like they really worked you over at the Vet! Shots AND the nose blast too!!! Poor baby. It's great to see you have such a good attitude about it. I think sometimes I would like to bite all of them! Of course I don't, but I DO think about it! BOL.

Emma Rose

Mango said...

You were brave to get on the scale. I would NEVER do that, no way. I was totally tricked into getting on two years ago and weighed 230 pounds and haven't gotten any smaller since then. Hehehe. So the vet just pinches me a lot and tells momma if she thinks there is too much Mango.

Those shots up the nose are sure annoying, aren't they. Good thing you get tons of treats. Hope that little weiner dog finds a home soon.