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Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow day!

so yesterday, mama and daddy took me and asa for a loooong hike in the forest.  we had a great time explorin' and sniffin' and chasin' stuff.  the snow made everything look really pretty, so of course, mama had her flashy camera out and was taking pictures of everything like crazy.  asa and i took so many glamour shots...we could be modeling dogs!  heehee.

we're ready to go!

hey, all you single lady stuff here!

asa intoxicated by a smell in the snow.

  okay, mama, we're looking at the camera...WAIT, I SEE A SQUIRREL OVER THERE!

there's that squirrel over there again.

it was a great day of hiking, and man alive, was i super pooped when we got home. before i could nap, though, mama made asa and i go tubbin' since we got *slightly* dirty on the hike.  i say mama was way overreacting...she was scrubbin' me like i had cooties or something.  sheesh!

1 comment:

Emma Rose said...

Hi Booker Man! Nice to meet you. We love to make new friends so we're glad you stopped by our blog. Now, on to the snow - I can't believe it is snowing like that in South Carolina. The Duchess lived in Charleston for a few years and can't remember it ever snowing! You are a lucky dog!
Enjoy your snow!!!

Emma Rose