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Friday, February 19, 2010

the after meal chew

so today, i'd like to chat with you about an important topic -- dental hygiene.  mama tells me that it's essential to have fresh breath and clean teeth, especially if i want to continue to woo the ladies with my handsome self.  and we all know that i do.
anyways, i wanted to share my secret with ya'll for a sparkling smile.  i present to you what is known as "the after meal chew".  it's very simple to follow.  all you doggies have to do is enjoy your meal as usual and then go find your favorite bone.  chew chew chew on your bone for about 15 minutes, and *bam*, you've got clean teeth and delightful breath.  after that, it's just up to you to turn on the charm.

i myself have a breakfast bone and a supper bone.  here's my breakfast bone:
(i'm a little bummed, though, because mama told me my breakfast bone was getting too small after all the chew sessions, so she's gonna make me get a new one soon.)

here's my supper bone:

and here i am demonstrating the after meal chew:
a good lick to prep my bone for chewing

 starting my chew at a gentle pace

work the bone around all your toothies to get them super clean and shiny!

15 minutes later, i've got fresh breath and squeaky clean teeth. dashing!


Emma Rose said...

Yes indeed, you are a very handsome fellow!

Emma ROse

kissa-bull said...

well howdy there booker
we saw your comment on our bloggy and came right over
wanna be furryends?
we loves to make new furryends and we just know we'd have so much fun together
we send you extra sugary pibble kishess
the houston pittie pack